Saying the quiet part outloud NPR has an article, There are 2 ways the media covers mass shootings. Here’s why the difference matters talking about to different ways of reporting on events.

The gist boils down to: Do you show individual stories that are easy to connect to at an emotional level, stories that tear at the heart strings.
Or: Do you show the larger context that puts prospective on the event?

And the answer they come up with…. Drum roll please…

Emotional manipulation…

There is no way to move forward on banning guns, oops “common sense gun regulations”, unless we get people to react to heart rending individual stores. So focus on that.

Do what is necessary to get yet more gun regulations.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “NPR: Ways of Covering Mass Shootings”
  1. Meanwhile we continue to set NICS records. Fuk npr. Fuk democrats. Fuk liberals Fuk Trump hating American hating puss nutted whining people. Come. And. Take. It.. We the People have had it with these people.

  2. The core message of the article seemed to be: decide what theory you want to push (which of course must be a left wing one), then slant your coverage to fit. Don’t let the notion that “news” is about reporting events get in the way of pushing a narrative above all.

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