NRA Haters and NFA 1934.

OK, I get it. You are a Gun Owner that hates the NRA for whatever silly-or-not reasons you may have. And you can give me a litany of points where the NRA has screwed up lately in your opinion, but please, I beg of you, do not use the passing of the national Firearms Act of 1934 as you raison d’être.  It makes you look like the ignorant you probably are and confirm you are just regurgitating what somebody else has said without checking for facts.

Why am I being insulting? Because it is always NFA 34 but somehow GAC 68 is never mentioned by these “patriot partisans.”  That tells me they are bleating sheep just blasting talking points that sound more like shit written by Michael Bloomberg for Shannon Watts and Moms demand than from Gun Rights organizations.

I am going to be magnanimous for once and give you a hint: The Cincinnati Revolt.