Well, just as the Wizard of Oz had his Toto, the little anti-gun group’s deception has been exposed by an eagle-eyed observer on gunfreezone.net. As he explains, the anti-gunners exaggerated the size of their piddly protest by staging their photo with one handful of them standing on higher ground, well behind the other handful, trying to conceal the optical illusion-inducing gap separating the two. Other photos posted by The Blaze further show how few people turned out to protest for gun control.

via NRA-ILA | Caught in the Act: Anti-Gunners’ Trick Photo Exposed.

For some reason, I did not get a ping back and it was just now when I saw the Facebook feed of the NRA-ILA.

But no matter what it says, the kudos have to go to Gail Pepin, Bob Owens of Bearing Arms and Mike V.

I just did commentary and a pretty package 🙂

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