Twitter just hit me with the hashtag #YulinDogMeatFestival.

Don’t search for it.  I didn’t provide a link on purpose.

Just understand that it is a festival in which the ritualistic torture and slaughter of thousands of dogs occur.  The torture is part of the festival.  Tradition says that the meat is better if the animal is tortured first.

I don’t care about the historical contributions of China and their ancient traditions, whatever, whatever, bullshit, I don’t care.

Any culture that engages in the ritualistic torture of dogs before killing them does not need to exist any longer.

Nuke the entire country, all of it, sterilize the land, saturate it with ionizing radiation so DNA cannot exist within its borders forever and for eternity.

If you think I’m being harsh, remember that they spent a year telling us that COVID came from a wet market where all sorts of other animals are gruesomely cooked alive for street food, before it becomingly painfully clear that it was an engineered virus that escaped a lab.  Which doesn’t negate the fact that the wet markets still exist.

Sure, it may mean your Amazon Prime shipment may not arrive but it’s a price I am willing to pay.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Nuke them all, leave no survivors”
  1. I can think of several examples of cultures that did impressive things a very long time ago. China is one — as a guess, its newest contribution is about 1000 years ago (gunpowder). Arab Islam culture is another (math and chemistry) — also about that long ago, perhaps a century or two less ancient.

    For anything newer than the Middle Ages I believe you have to look to Western Europe (meaning places west of Russia), or of course in the past couple of centuries the USA.

    1. The influence of assimilated Jewish or Byzantine sages and Indian mathematicians in the “Muslim culture” is quite relevant. (Of course – science is what one person copies from another)

  2. One of the most revolting videos I’ve ever seen is a Chinese fur merchant skinning a “racoon dog” alive.


    The merchant does a cursory smack on the head and the animal is still quite conscious and aware as it’s skinned and tossed on a pile, writhing in pain with no skin, eyelids, lips, etc.

  3. I don’t get this. One of the things I’ve learned hunting over the years, and I also saw on a video about butchering cattle, is that if the animal suffers, it’s meat gets infused with adrenaline – makes it gamier.

    You want to kill them instantaneously.

    And FWIW, first world nations don’t need to eat dog.

  4. As Reagan said, “I’ve outlawed them, the bombing starts in five minutes”. Gitt’er done.

  5. Nuke them from orbit, its the only way to be sure. Same goes for :halal: meat which involves slowly butchering a living animal. FWIW, I also recommend instant death for anyone involved in any way, in dog fighting.

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