This person is a nursing professor.

Presumably she’s is, or at one time was, a practicing nurse.

If she feels this way about a town, how would she feel about a patient?

If a patient came in, in a MAGA hat, or a conservative theme shirt, or gave some other indication that they were Right Wing, would she treat them?

Would she provide them with adequate medical care?

Or would she leave them to suffer and die?

This shit shows how broken some people are and how you can’t trust our system anymore.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Nursing professor further destroying the credibility of her profession”
  1. and if anything happens to one of her patients or a right leaning student gets bad grades, all they now need are these tweets to make her liable.

  2. Those that can do. Those that can’t teach. Those that can’t teach teach gym. Those that can’t teach gym become principals.
    They couldn’t do so they now teach their hate.

    1. @Therefore: Gotta disagree here.

      As someone who teaches firearms safety and such, I do that to share my knowledge. I do not claim, nor have I ever claimed, to be a great shooter. I don’t teach at that level.

      Without good teachers, from where would we get new practitioners?

      (Oh, and the way I heard this, the third step is Personnel Dept.)

  3. Leftists are children. I have said it plenty of times, but this reinforces it.
    It would be one thing to ignore the tweet, but nope. She had to reply, proving her intolerance to the world.

    1. Yup, the kind TOLERANT liberals are the most intolerant children you will ever see. They are the ones who make everything political.

  4. As a nurse, I am embarrassed.

    I would hope that she could keep her $hit together to care for a patient with whom she disagrees politically. Sigh.

    1. I went on a shallow dive in the Florence Nightingale pool. Though the “Lady with the Lamp” was likely as prejudiced as any other citizen of her age I am unable to find that denying care to someone with whom you disagree politically was one of her Nursing Principals.
      Massive FAIL professor Shields.What are you teaching your students?

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