In the fun column is the story of a bunch of Karens going NIMBY over a new gun store in Rockland County, NY.

Seems that somebody leased the old Radio Shack that had closed and turned it into a gun store. “Chew’s Guns & Ammo” moved into the space and it is the epitome of redneck gun store.

Strip Mall Gun Store
Chew’s Guns & Ammo

Except it isn’t.

It is a set for FBI: Most Wanted

I’ve seen pawn shops that look like this, never a gun store.

What sort of look does your local gun store have? Does it look like a redneck adult entertainment store or is it more like a Cabela’s?

Hudson Valley POST: Surprising Reason For ‘New Gun Store’ in Hudson Valley, New York

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By awa

7 thoughts on “NY Residents Upset Over New Gun Store… That isn’t”
    1. The store’s logo is the state of Tennessee… The residents of New York didn’t find that a bit odd? The sign’s also proclaim it “Pelham’s Favorite Gun Seller,” despite not being located in or near Pelham.

      I swear, the average adult human has the perceptive ability of a dim-witted, near-sighted, tinnitus-afflicted, lump of wet concrete.

  1. Gin shops often look like this due to municipal laws that forbid a firearmbeing visible from outside the store.

  2. My little town had a lot of kitchen-table FFLs, but only one gun store with any kind of retail presence. It was literally a 5×10 office space in a building. Open only by appointment. And even if you know it’s there you’re liable to walk right by it.

    On the other hand, a new gun store opened up a few towns over (and on tribal land, I believe), Indigenous Arms. Very nice people, great shop dogs, beautiful mural on the side of the building.

    To Ish’s point on the logo … Expecting a New Yorker to recognize any state profile other than NY is – how shall I put this – perhaps overly optimistic.

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