Anarcho-tyranny:  A stage of governmental dysfunction in which the state is anarchically hopeless at coping with large matters but ruthlessly tyrannical in the enforcement of small ones.

This is the definining characteristic of New York City and other Progressive urban hell holes.

Yesterday, a man rode around on a scooter, randomly shooting people.  He wounded three and killed one.

There were multiple shootings in NYC over the holiday weekend.


In NYC, shoplifting has gotten so bad that grocery stores are putting anti-theft devices on ice cream.


At the sane time, an army of the Waffen NYPD’s finest are arresting a white guy in a suit for having a cigarette on the sidewalk outside the Central Park wall, which technically makes it part of Central Park, which is a no smoking area, and not wanting to present ID.


You can literally shoot up heroin in Central Park, where the city provides free needle disposal, but if you smoke a cigarette, an entire precinct will mobilize to hassle you.

This is the hell the Left wants for the rest if America.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “NYC anarcho-tyranny”
  1. Just like san fran- homeless can shiite on the sidewalk but you better pick up yer doggy doo or face fines… Curbys utopia will only have district attorneys to prosecute serious crime- armed robberies, rape murder ect.. those that survive self defense that is..everything under that will be policed by honest working citizens. Citizens with no crime record will be treated like police- immune from prosecution.. We the People have a long hard road to run and those who remain complacent will suffer. We the People need to take our Country back from these self righteous pin headed touchy feely handwringing liberal fux who are soft on crime and hard on Americans..

    1. Yeah … My dog identifies as a transgender lesbian 12-year-old human. So he can poop wherever he wants in San Francisco.
      Except that I won’t walk him in the city because I worry about him stepping on a needle.

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