In an article talking about how the SCOTUS decision will affect the people of NYC some numbers came up.

Around 16,000 New Yorkers have permits that allow them to keep handguns in their homes. Yeah, you need a permit to possess a handgun in your home in NYC.
There are another 700 Business owners that have permits to have a handgun in their place of work.
There are another 3,500 people that can carry guns because of their work
And 2,400 security guards that can carry at work but can’t have a gun at home.

That gives us 20,200 people that can carry a firearm for protection outside of security guards.

The population of NYC is 8,380,000 in 2020. That gives us 241/100,000 within NYC.

There are around 18,660,000 CCW holders in the US. This doesn’t count the millions that live in free states.

That averages out to 5.7k/100,000 across these United States.

Florida does a little better with 6.1K/100,000.

Things that make you go “hmmmmm”

New York Post: What does the Supreme Court ruling on guns mean for NYC?

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One thought on “NYC By the Numbers”
  1. Re the count of CCW holders: I don’t know about other states, but NH is required by law to keep permit information confidential. The state takes that sufficiently seriously that they don’t even release the number of permits. So if you see a NH number, that’s a guess, not an official number.

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