Earlier today, Miguel mocked New York City for taking Nerf guns off the streets like they busted an MS-13 gun running operation.

While the NYPD was busy going to town sucking their own dick over some gun shaped children’s toys, this was actually happening:


According to the NY Post, the robbery took place at 4:40 in the afternoon on Saturday.  The victim had $20,000 in cash stolen.  The Mercedes (the black car) was stolen.  No arrests were made.

There we have it.

Own in Nerf gun and the NPYD will fuck your life up because of it and bask in their own glory for it.

Engage in an armed robbery and car chase and the NYPD has all their thumbs up their collective asshole.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “NYC is super safe…”
  1. I saw that video, but didn’t grasp the big picture. I thought that it was an attack, not a robbery (with attack).

    I do wonder how the robbers picked the victim.

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