Oakland, Ca: Feds bust Juvenile Sex Trafficking Ring. Liberals protest, support the traffickers.

It is Oakland, the city that is fast approaching its own extermination via Liberal politics. It is good to know that they encourage kids to work even if it is in the sex industry and again their wills. At least they are not doing dangerous stuff like selling lemonade out of their front yards. [end sarcasm]

10 Replies to “Oakland, Ca: Feds bust Juvenile Sex Trafficking Ring. Liberals protest, support the traffickers.”

  1. I can’t recall where, but I remember reading that if you set yourself against whatever your perceived enemy is and does, then they control you.

    It was an admonishment to stand for principles and not against people. Other variations on the theme are, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” and, “Large minds discuss ideas, small minds discuss people.”

    The Left is now so committed to standing against Trump and ICE (among others), that Trump and ICE can control everything they say and do.

    Assuming this isn’t satire (it’s getting hard to tell these days), the Left can be fooled into tacitly supporting child sex trafficking rings just by having ICE and Trump come out against it. They are already all-in for sheltering foreign criminals because Trump and ICE are fulfilling their duties trying to control illegal immigration.

    By making every issue all about Trump, they are actively enemy-of-my-enemy-ing (yes, I just made that a verb) into aligning themselves with some of the most vile and violent people on the planet.

    “If Trump is for it, then we’re against it,” has become the Left’s new rallying cry. They see it as a source of pride, but it means they don’t have principles that run any deeper or more well-reasoned than, “F*ck Trump!”

    (The next step: trick the Left into throwing the LGBTQ community under the bus by having Trump and Pence give a joint speech with three points: supporting civil equality for ALL Americans, hiring “queer” folks into the administration, and condemning MS-13 and fundamentalist Muslim nations for their treatment of gays.)

    1. The tweet was mine and it wasn’t satire and your comments are spot on. The raid occurred 11 months ago but I thought it showed how out of control the left is right now. Your comment covers everything that I was thinking. These people protested without having one fact about the reason why ICE was there. Their hate is blinding and this video was the best way to make that example and push the #WalkAway movement.

  2. “We care about our neighbors” but we dont know our neighbors or the horrible shit they were doing because we were too busy posting our faux outrage on Twitter and getting likes on Instagram.

    Fixed it for her.

  3. Wow! So after the neighbors found out it was a sex trafficking ring of innocent children, did they thank the ICE agents for saving the lives of these precious ones? ….. Ya I didn’t think so! Thank you ICE and all of the law enforcement who took down this operation! My prayers of protection to you all!

  4. They’re probably mad that their underage prostitutes won’t be available for the weekend. No, I’m not trolling. Somebody, in fact a lot of somebody’s, have been paying for these “services.”

    1. It’s only July of 2018. August is next month which makes this just less then a year old. I know it’s only a month but facts matter. And regardless whether this is 1 day old or 2 year old news it is still relativly current and an example of the epedemic that is liberal thinking.

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