I am very much enjoying the CB Strike series by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling), the books not the TV show.

It’s a series about a private detective in London.

Despite all the dangers they run into with murders and psychopaths, all Strike and his partner Robin can carry to protect themselves is rape alarms.

Those alarms are a useless as you can imagine they are.

Oakland,  California is suffering a huge crime wave due to Progressive policies and a lack of policing.

They are giving their citizens the same useless self defense advice as the British government.

Air horns and moving trucks: How Oakland, California, residents are facing a surge in crime

After 60-year-old retiree David Schneider was shot and killed here while trimming a tree in his yard, his neighbor, Toni Bird, said she retreated indoors.

“People aren’t feeling safe out of their house,” she said. “It makes sense that you would want to protect your house then, right? You would barricade it.”

Amid a surge in crime in Oakland, California, police have advised residents to use air horns to alert neighbors to intruders and add security bars to their doors and windows.

Bird, who moved to Oakland 2 1/2 years ago, said she took their advice to heart. She now has three air horns and five security cameras around her home.

“The types of crime that we’re seeing feel much more violent and the consequences feel much more severe,” she said. “And it feels like the people that are being targeted are people who are vulnerable.”

The cowboys said: “God created all men, Sam Colt made them equal.”

Not a stadium air horn but a 45 caliber revolver.  That made men equal.

If the most vulnerable are under attack, what they need is an equalizer, not a can of tinnitus.

What useless fucking bullshit.

This is an actual captioned photo from that article:

The other day I posted video of a woman in California who was attacked and her her bike stolen, and was crying for help as people stood around and ignored her.

What the fuck will an airhorn do?  What neighbors will run to her defense?

If you fight back with an airhorn, you’ll only die with ringing in your ears.

This is post Bruen.

Californians need guns and concealed carry.

They get airhorns.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Oakland gives useless advice in the middle of a crisis”
  1. An air horn making noise will have the exact same effect as the “panic button “ on your keyless enty remote- people will look up in annoyance at the bleating noise thinking “what an azzhole”… and go about they business. Gawd, what utter idiots. Holding a fukkin airhorn, ya THAT will scare em!

  2. What they need is to change their voting habits en masse.
    In the meantime, they’re stuck with ridiculous advice and still absurdly high burdens to even get a gun, let alone be allowed to actually take it with you (to a few very limited places).

  3. An air horn only works the first few times it is employed. After that, the public considers it a nuisance.
    Once again, those brilliant people we elect to “lead” us are working to solve yesterday’s problem.

  4. Prior to going shall issue, IL police recommended whistles and induced vomiting to protect against violent crime and rape.
    One of the pro-gun women’s groups printed out the recommendation on stickers and attached them to tongue depressors to hand out.

    1. Steve Martin said eons ago when he wants to walk down the street with money in his pocket and gets mugged he throws up on his money…. Yea brilliant advice…

    2. What if the rapist has a puke fetish?
      And…. sorry, that was gross…
      But, it is essentially the same question that should be asked about any non-lethal defense advice given to women. I remember “pee your pants” and “say you are on your period” as advice to avoid a raping. But, there are literally hundreds of pages with fetish porn for those. I would not be surprised if there is a puke fetish.

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