Ocasio chimes in on healthcare costs

Remember, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a degree in economics from Boston University.

When people are buried in Soviet style mass graves, you don’t have to worry about the price of funerals.  That will really save money on health care.


7 Replies to “Ocasio chimes in on healthcare costs”

  1. What??!!! Good God, she’s stupid! Lady, have you actually read the case?

    The Roberts’ decision did not hold that your monthly premium under Obamacare was a tax – he wrote that the penalty for failing to buy through the exchange was a tax.

    What a bloody moron!

  2. A degree in Economics from Boston U.?
    Supposedly Fourth in her class?
    Is that some Boston area votech community college?
    Seriously! Is that the typical NE college grad?

    She is smooth talking though. Says alot of words, has a lot of thoughts, too bad they never connect with the questions or facts.

    1. Yes, rd, that, right there, is an example of your average NE university educated idjit.
      There is a vid on youtube IIRC of interviews on the street of some of the people in the district she’s running to represent.
      They’re just like her.

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