Occupy Ice Portland was so beautiful

They created something beautiful. It reminds me of the streets of Caracas under Socialism.  Do I need say more?

6 Replies to “Occupy Ice Portland was so beautiful”

  1. anyone who was arrested or detained and their name and location is known should be fined for littering on a daily basis until they clean up their mess! Slobs.

  2. These progtard dbags want to live like rats? Then they should be treated as such.

    “You must kill them all. Use fire.”
    — John Hodgman, on rats

  3. The city had to hire hazmat clean up service to come in after the police were done; the camp was such a bio-hazard that they needed it cleaned up the same day… And this city has a permanent homeless population the size of a small midwestern town and “black fields” in the old ship yards that have been toxic since WWII. Antifa polluted this place this baldly in under a month.

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