It is difficult to see why the British are so keen on removing knives from the general populace. If the goal of the gun control people was control, they have it. They have managed to remove arms and the ability to defend yourself from the subjects of Great Britain.

“Gun control isn’t about controlling guns, it is about control.” This is how we see it. Removing firearms from the general population of a country shifts control to the government and their thugs. Be it “official” thugs, or the “unofficial” thugs.

I’m an old fart. I’ve had a few interactions with law enforcement. The thing I quickly learned is the politeness of an officer veries in relationship to the number of legally armed people in the population or in the power differential between the citizen and the law enforcement officer.

The politiest cops I’ve ever encountered during a traffic stop were the MPs on post. Post had more stars running around than MGM in their hayday. I’ve observed the MPs pulling over a classic Mustang that was certainly speeding. The first MP went up to the drivers window and the other MP went into the drivers blind spot. The second MP had his holster flap released and his hand on his sidearm, ready. The first MP was exceedingly polite.

Why? The person that he stopped in that Mustang was just as likely to be a 2 star general as private.

When I’ve been stopped in shall issue states the cops have always been very polite. The rudest, nastiest cops have all been in no issue and “may issue” states.

If you watch British cop shows you will see them pushing their way into people homes all the time. Even if there are laws requiring warrants or permission cops just push in. There is very little risk. My Canadian friends tell me the same thing. Even though they don’t have to allow the cops in, cops push in all the time.

The last time the cops were at my house they were told to get off my porch and to step back before I exited to talk with him.

And he did.

When the people are armed, government is restricted. When the people are unarmed, the government is unrestricted. If there are restrictions in that case it comes from different parts of the government, think coups

Gun grabbers like to talk about “gun violence” as if guns were violent. They are not. My guns have never performed a single act, much less a violent act. They are inanimate objects. They have no soul, no personality, no will. They only do what a person causes them to do.

So programs aimed at reducing “gun violence” or improving “gun safety” by placing infringements on the people are doomed to fail. They are not addressing the right thing. They are targeting the law abiding gun owner and his right to keep and bear arms and ignoring the criminal.

It doesn’t matter to a mother if her child is killed with a rock, club, car or knive. Her child is dead. It is a horrific moment and I hope I never am in that situation. But if her child is killed with a gun her hurt is still the same but there are actors immediately jumping to direct that hurt into anger at the gun and all gun owners.

There was a short video a few years ago from a booth where “Moms Demand” was there talking about how they were all about “gun safety”. Somebody videoed while they were badgered with questions about how many trigger locks they had given out, how many safety courses had they taught, what educational materials did they have for k-5? The two women just got up and walked away rather than engage.

It is about infringing on gun rights and not about “gun safety” or “reducing gun violence” If you want to reduce “gun violence” then reduce violence.

One of Philadelphia’s key community-based anti-violence programs is disorganized, failing to properly train and empower staffers, struggling to achieve basic goals, and not ready to be evaluated on whether its efforts are meaningfully reducing the city’s gun violence.

So we have yet another example of a government to leftist money pipeline. That has no real goals and has managed to spend $5.3 million and has nothing to show for it.

They don’t even have a plan because they are so disorganized. Likely because they are afraid to do what is needed. Take criminals off the streets.

Community Crisis Intervention Program Evaluation

Of course, being a democrat project, failure is not an option. If it fails, it is because it wasn’t given enough funds or enough resources or enough time. Just try again, harder.

Erica Atwood, the city’s senior director for criminal justice and public safety, acknowledged in an interview that the reports pointed out some fundamental shortcomings. But she said she viewed the assessment as an opportunity to improve CCIP and actually expand it — correcting flaws identified in the reports by adding things like a director, more qualified staff members, and better training for a program she still views as an essential undertaking.

“I read it as: ‘We’ve got to do better. We’ve got to make changes. These are the changes we need to make, and we need to make them ASAP,’ ” Atwood said. “This work is way too important for us to kind of be lagging and dragging.”

A key Philly gun violence prevention program is struggling to meet basic goals, new report says

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Of course “gun violence prevention program” fails”
  1. As to why the Brits keep pounding more knife control …
    Perhaps because it provides a reason to keep control turned up. Having an external object to blame distracts from internal problems, and avoids having to address uncomfortable questions.

  2. Every “gun violence program” ever instituted has one of two goals, sometimes both: funnel taxpayer money to the well-connected or pay protection money to the local street gangs.

  3. Your observation about treatment by law officers and lets extend that to all representatives of the gubmint is spot on. In the same way someone will bluster at a bar if they think they wont get popped in the mouth or is selective in who they bully.

    During the height of Covid craziness seeing videos of officers slamming their weight into doors knocking grannies into the wall to inspect their homes about a suspicion they had an illegal gathering became the norm yet you never saw those videos coming out of their no go zones or bloc housing units even when those residents were cheek to jowl for parties and soccer matches. Hhhhmmm wonder what the difference was.

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