Understand that the Biden Administration is everything that the Democrats accused the Trump Administration of being.

That includes being viciously antisemitic.

Orthodox Jews say they were excluded from White House hate-crimes summit

President Biden slammed antisemitism last week at a White House-hosted “United We Stand” summit against hate crimes, but he is being accused by some Orthodox Jewish leaders of excluding them from the event.

The Rev. Al Sharpton requested the summit after the May massacre of 10 black shoppers in Buffalo, and it brought together hundreds of activists and community leaders from minority groups. But Orthodox Jews, who suffer a large number of hate crimes, struggled to make the cut.

It’s very easy for Leftists to condemn antisemitism when they don’t have to actually be in the room with any of those icky Jews.

The Left ostensibly “likes” Jews when they are dead, or victims they can use as cudgel against the right, or not really acting all Jewy.

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce CEO Duvi Honig told The Post he tried to RSVP, contacting three Biden staffers and even brandishing an endorsement from the New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s office to be honored as a Uniter — an award bestowed to 16 people at the event.

He didn’t hear back.

“The White House used hate. They used us, our blood — they used our DNA of Jews being persecuted and attacked daily as an excuse to make an event and didn’t include Orthodox Jews, who were the number one [target of] hate and antisemitism,” Honig said.

Roughly 800 of about 2,700 antisemitic incidents in 2021 — or nearly one third of them — occurred in New Jersey or New York.

“They didn’t recognize any Orthodox Jew as a Uniter purposely, which stands out while then recogniz[ing] Islamic, Reform [Jews], [Christian leaders] and so on,” said Honig, whose group seeks to build economic bridges between communities. “Our community’s leaders from the various large communities of Orthodox sectors where daily attacks accrue were missing [from] the summit and not invited.”

Honig said that he believes Reform Jews, who were better represented at the summit, are less likely to experience hate crimes because they don’t wear the conspicuous attire of many Orthodox Jews.

That’s the problem.

The number one victim of religious hate crimes in the US are Orthodox, aka visible, Jews.  Jews who wear yarmulkes and beards and sideburns.

And the people who attack them the most are two very prominent demographics associated with the Democrats, and most of those attacks occur in Blue cities in Blue states.

Of course the Biden Administration isn’t going to acknowledge that it’s Al Sharpton’s constituents who are beating up Jews in a Democrat stronghold.

Biden will talk vaguely about the horrors of antisemitism in a way that totally denies the reality of antisemitism currently in the US.

And there is no better way to do this than not let in any Jews that look like the Jews who are getting beat up.

What Jews were allowed to come?  Reform Jews, who are barely Jews.  They are the Woke Jews who wrote OpEds after Ilhan Omar or Rashid Tlaib said something grotesquely antisemitic that “ackchyually, that wasn’t antisemitic, Trump is the real antisemite.”

Progressive Leftists who don’t eat bacon.

This is absolutely on brand for Democrats.

They can claim to stand against hatred while simultaneously encouraging.

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By J. Kb

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