I just saw the news.  There was a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, that hits every Leftist talking point perfectly.


Here are the facts we know so far.

The shooter used an AR-15 pattern rifle.  He was wearing body armor and an helmet decorated with neo-Nazi symbols.  He left a 180 page white supremacist, racist, and antisemitic manifesto explaining his justification.  He shot 13 people, killing 10, 11 of his victims were black.  Despite a history of trouble, he purchased his guns and armor legally.

Tucker Carlson and AR-15 are both trending topics on social media as people rush to blame guns, Fox News, Tucker, the GOP, Trump, and the NRA for this shooting.

The fact is Hollywood writers couldn’t make up a more perfect scenario for a TV political drama if they tried.

If this was the opening of an episode of Law & Order you’d roll your eyes at it.

I’m in no way trying to diminish the enormity of this horrendous attack.

But this is so perfect to the Left’s narrative that they are going to use it to bludgeon the fuck out of us before the midterms.

I guarantee they will push gun control.

They will probably send the new DHS Minister of Truth after Fox and other conservative news outlets.

More domestic spying programs.

Probably laws against civilian body armor.

They will not let this crisis go to waste.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Oh f*ck, we’re about to get hammered”
  1. His manifesto also indicated that he liked communism and hated Fox News. The guy was insane. He lived in a small village halfway across the state, down near the Pennsylvania border. It’s utterly bizarre that he chose a supermarket on the East side of Buffalo. This is like a 4 &1/2 hour drive.

    There is a news clip floating around of an African American guy being interviewed after the attack. He mentions that we need more guns in the hands of civilians to prevent this sort of thing. He ain’t wrong. That said, I think too many people have woken up to the notion that you have to be responsible for your own safety, and that being disarmed isn’t the way to accomplish that. Politicians will no doubt use this tragedy to further their goals, but I don’t think it’s going to work out as well as they think.

  2. Amazing how they supposedly knew his motivation within an hour of the incident(While conveniently ignoring the inconvenient parts of his “manifesto”.). Yet the motive of the individual in the Waukesha parade incident is somehow still a complete mystery. Go figure.

    But yeah, they’re going to try to milk this cow until it’s nothing more than a bone bag.

  3. Help refresh my memory; how many racially motivated attacks have occurred in NYC in the past year? How many of them have disappeared down the rabbit hole?

    1. It’s not exactly Bracken’s “Enemies foreign and domestic” plot scenario, but it sure feels eerily similar. And given that the enemy likes to use dystopian novels as guide books (witness “1984”), why not that one?

  4. You can’t argue, debate, or reason your way out of this. They are blood dancing and no amount of logic, reason, or evidence will stop them. The only winning move is not to play.

    No. Your move.

  5. Yeah, details known in minutes, yet the true circumstances of the Las Vegas shootings are still largely a mystery.

  6. Interestingly, gun control was more of an afterthought at today’s presser, and they seem focused on cracking down on social media. Interesting angle they are taking. They are right, but almost certainly for the wrong reasons.

  7. I hate to think false flag, but this is just too fricking perfect for the left. White kid, evil. Potential incel, pathetic. Black rifle, evil. Racism, evil. Hateful online rhetoric, evil. Black cop dead, hero.

    This fits so many leftist hot topic buttons perfectly. And Biden droning on about ultra maga and maga king, just wow.

    I imagine they’ll first go after the misinformation bureau or whatever the hell they are calling it. Then the assault weapon stuff later.

    Sorry for the families that lost someone, but get ready for the blood dancing.

    1. I hate to say it, but this reeks of false flag. His manifesto was out while the bodies were still on the ground. The manifesto reads like a lefty blueprint for a supervillain. Everything happened way too fast after the shooting. It just stinks

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