They are going to jam a swab up every kindergartener’s and elementary school kid’s nose every other week?


Parents should revolt at this.

Time to set up a Killdozer, guillotine, tar, and feathers emporium in LA.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Oh, hell no!”
  1. Don’t forget the rental option. Hourly, daily or weekly.

    ‘Dozer + ‘chipper combined rental package deals could be quite popular, too.

  2. Even if you’re willing to assume that CDC’s recommendations are based on science — which is QUITE a stretch — what politicians are doing with them is a different matter entirely. They aren’t even pretending to do what CDC recommended.

  3. They act like it’s the plague, smallpox, ebola, typhoid, etc., rolled into one…..when instead its more like a nasty flu….

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