By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Oh look, justification for civilian ownership of AP ammo and rocket launchers”
  1. Actually, there are no constitutional limits on civilian ownership of weapons. If the authors of the constitution didn’t contemplate civilian ownership of fully armed naval vessels, why did they include the bit about “letters of marque?” If you can own a battleship, then, if freedom of the press isn’t limited to soapboxes and letterpresses, you can also own tanks, APCs, a private air force, etc.

    That said, there are plenty of UNconstitutional limits on civilian ownership of weapons today….

  2. I think I liked Michael Reeves’s modification better.

    (He rebuilt and reprogrammed a Boston Dynamics Spot model to ‘urinate’ beer into a cup.)

  3. I’m reminded of videos, in the past couple of years, of drones with remotely-actuated handguns mounted on them. Same sort of idea, but easier to make, no restricted or overpriced hardware needed.

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