Apparently Biden’s utterly calamitous and limp-dick fuck-ups in Afghanistan and Ukraine have given the green light to every enemy who wants a piece of us to give it a shot.

We have three more years of this shit.

The only upside is if the NORKs launched at us they’d only be able to hit California.

It’s un-fucking-believable just how far a nation can fall in one year.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Oh sh*t, we’re at war with Iran now”
  1. Believe or not, but the End Times or End of Civilization are staring us in the face. Good results if Jesus comes back, seriously bad shit for possibly hundreds of years, if not.

    1. Actually, muslimes have been at war with civilization since the sixth century. The problem is that we haven’t really fought back since the Barbary Pirate days. If we would stop the “nation building” bullshit and totally, irrevocably destroy Iran and salt the ground, we wouldn’t have a raghead problem for a couple of centuries.

  2. Remember back when Trump smoked that little shit Soleimani, and everyone was sobbing over how he’d kicked off WW3?

    Except… wait… it didn’t happen. Iran pouted, but they knew damned well Soleimani was somewhere he shouldn’t have been and that any attempted reprisal might end with some extensive urban renovation of Tehran.

    Now, ‘the adults are in charge’? Right. Pull the other one.

  3. China Joe won’t do anything, because he needs Iranian oil, and wants to “reinstate” Obummer’s nuke “deal.”

      1. Israel nukes Iran?
        Then the Anti-Semitic Left will finally have their excuse to destroy Israel, and the Jews.
        Think Russian HATE is over the top? Just wait until the Progressives get the green light to go after people they already hate. It will not just be violence against Israel, it will be pogroms against Jews in all the “civilized nations” worldwide. U.S. included.

  4. The only surprising thing about this is that it took them this long to do another missile attack on us in Iraq. Like Rob Crawford says, we’ve been at war with Iran for a long time – since the Ayatollah took the embassy hostage.

    They knocked off after that hit on Soleimani but I think the combination of us begging them to sell us oil plus having Russia negotiate with them “on our behalf” convinced them the current administration isn’t playing with a full deck. It’s like they’re all walking around with “kick me” embroidered on the backs of their suits.

  5. I must tell you, you are a great asset to our country! I’ve been reading your bog for many years, along with MADDMEDIC, and others. I am a veteran. I was asked to work with, “The Team”, to help expose all of the BS, that the Deep State has done,and are totally exposed now.
    My friend, “Sometimes you have to show people, what will happen” telling them does nothing. This is what you are seeing. It will not last much longer. I can positively promise you that. Trump IS our president. He is complete control of the military. I know, I am involved. I cannot tell you great details at this time, but, everything will come to full public view, before the end of April. The deep state will be NO MORE!!!!

    Devolution,has been under way for a few years now. It is almost over. They are panicking, like you wouldn’t believe. You will just have to trust me on this. If you cannot, then, you will prolly suffer great stress, over things that are yet to come. But, believe me when I tell you, the good guys are in control! When you see the things I have seen, and see how they were countered, you will understand. I cannot stress it enough… there will be an “Mass Extinction scare event”, caused by the deep state, and that will be their last gasp, and the final verdict will be mass arrests, and some of them will commit suicide, so as not to suffer the tribunals, around the world. They are already starting to arrest people. You would never know it, because the commie MSM, has been involved, just like they were in Germany, during WWII. You are about to find out, that the NAZI party, has been underground, FROM HITLERS REIGN since we supposedly defeated them. They lost the war, but, it has been fought against us, since then. Every war that has been started since then, was started by the deep state, to profit off the deaths of others, and produce the war materials, and equipment, to fight them all. The WMD’s in Iraq??? Oh yes, Bush was and still is part of the DS. That was created, and WMD’s were placed by the DS, to facilitate that “WAR”… and WHO PROFITED???? That’s right… The worlds elite!!!

    It’s over, they know it, we know it, and they are going to do their damnedest, to give it one more try, to take out as many people on this earth as they can… It will not work… TRUST ME… THEY HAVE LOST!
    I promise you, I will work to keep you informed, as much as I can. Anons have a great part in this, and being a veteran, I have worked with some of them, and they are brilliant people. GREAT AUTISTS!!! This is why I was recruited, as a “Military Asset”.
    I am PROUD to serve my country, in this manner. I get NO COMPENSATION, and the things I do, I do not do for recognition. I swore an oath. I was never relieved of that oath, and I am so very proud to be a part of the greatest military Operation, the world has ever seen. Do not confuse Putin, or XI, with the world evil. They are taking out the bio-weapons labs. Ukraine is almost done. Taiwan will be next. That was their money laundering organizations. Why do you think Soros,(I call him sore-ass), went to Ukraine so fast?? His money was being confiscated,a nd his empire is being dismantled. He is FINISHED!!!

    Do NOT underestimate, the power of “Q”!!! He exists!!! I have met him. You will be shocked, when it is released, who he is….

    “Those you thought were DEAD, are alive…. Those you thought were ALIVE, are DEAD…” You will see. The world will forever change for the better, once this operation is completed. Didn’t you notice… BYE-DAN, cannot send troops to Ukraine. OR anywhere near the operations. WHY??? Because the Military, is in complete control of the devolution. Trump, is still in charge of the “FOOTBALL”, and of the military. Everyone else, are merely “ACTORS”, who are doing what they were told…. that’s basically it in a nutshell. EVERYTHING WILL BE SEEN, and EXPOSED. The WORLD WILL SEE THE EVIL, and NO ONE WALKS AWAY FROM THIS!! Your Chipper, will come in to great use. The Child trafficking people, will get “NO DEALS”!!! they will be tried, and executed, IMMEDIATELY!!!! They are walking dead, along with the dems, and rinos, who are involved. I am going watch them hang, for the treason, and crimes against humanity… AND THE MEDIA???? They will suffer the same fate, as the media did in NAZI Germany…

    Blessings be upon you, and your house… now and always!!!


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