President Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946.  That means that he was 18 years old when the Civil Rights Act was passed and segregation was finally ended.  At 73 years old, he is old enough to fit the mold of the “old, racist Grandpa” that Progressives love to write articles about.

The Democrats and the Media (redundant, I know) tell us daily that Trump is a racist and try and point out the racism in every single thing that he does.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born December 25, 1971, he’s only 47 and squarely a Gen X’er.  He finished high school in 1990 and college in 1994.  He was younger when he was elected PM than Obama was when he (Obama) was elected President.

Trudeau is also the internet’s Woke Bae.  This was the PM who chastised a teenage girl for saying “mankind” reminding her is “peoplekind” (“peoplekind” is such a made-up, Woke, bullshit word that my spell checker keeps telling me it’s wrong).

So which one of these world leaders do you think is the one who had pictures taken of him in Blackface?

If you followed the #MeToo campaign and learned that declaring oneself to be a “male feminist” is near 100% accurate predictor of being a rapist, then you probably make some assumptions about the world leader that declares himself an anti-racist.

Yep, it’s PM Justin Trudeau that has not one, not two, but three different photos or videos surface of him in some sort of racial blackface.

These were not from the 1960’s mind you, because he wasn’t born yet.  Nope, these date from the 1990s and as late as 2001.

Trudeau has started on his apology tour, but I’m curious how merciless Woke cancel culture will be to their once beloved Woke Bea.

Hopefully very.

P.S.  Given how much Trudeau pushed being anti-racist and to see this, and to know that he calls himself a “male feminist” I’m wondering when the story of him having a The-Girl-With-the-Dragon-Tattoo-esque kidnap and rape torture dungeon emerge.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Oh to be a Progressive, eh?”
  1. Seems to me you can’t tell ahead of time whether a given offense will be forgiven or excoriated. Roll the loaded die and hope for the best. (Or worst, depending on where you sit.)

    1. It gets forgiven when the alternative might move the politics rightward. That’s why it was forgiven in the Virginia case, but not the similar Minnesota (Al fake-ballots Franken) case.

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