I’m legitimately shocked.

I never would have guessed that historically purple state Ohio would go Constitutional Carry.

If Ohio can swing it just about any Shall Issue state (except Illinois) can do this.

This one feels like a game changer to me.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Ohio of all places”
  1. It’s geography. We have New York to the east, Michigan to the north, and Kentucky to the south — who wouldn’t want to be armed?

    (Indiana has our back, keeping an eye on Illinois.)

  2. MI just needs the right Republican governor and we could probably make it happen – we’ve had a Republican majority legislature for years. Our last Republican governor Rick Snyder was more interested in being directly atop the fence than on either side of it, was not really an ally for 2A rights.

    If we can somehow stop the FBI from arresting our (R) candidates, we might be able to get rid of Whitmer.

  3. Not every Shall-Issue state… they tried it in PA a couple months back. Passed the House and Senate (by no small miracle) only to be vetoed with extreme prejudice and enthusiasm by our extremely anti-Freedom governor. And since Filthydelphia and the Teachers Unions effectively control state politics (hence my “no small miracle” remark), airborne porcines will be having snowball fights in Hades before it’s ever allowed anywhere near a floor vote, let alone the governor’s desk, again.

  4. Oh, like the People’s Republik of MA? The state that passed its own AWB after the federal one sunset? 😆😆😆

    Oh, just noticed that you specified “shall issue”. My bad.

  5. I’ll settle for Shall Issue here in NYFS if The Supremes don’t screw up NYSRPA vs Bruen, and the 2nd stupidest legislature in the country (after only California) doesn’t take immediate action to do something incomprehensibly stupid.

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