J Kb sent me this one:

Marvel comic panel in which a white girl explains to a Latina
character why Latinx is a more inclusive term and Spanish is wrong.


And he hits it right in the head: It is condescending.  And what is more, it is offensive in its racism. We have us some young adolescent White bitch disrespecting mom and calling her ignorant of her own race’s denomination? The kid, apparently the son, sits there without a reaction and probably even approvingly, hoping that Miss Bitch does not friend-zone him and rubs the front of his jeans at a later date.  True Latino would be raising bloody hell while holding conceited bitch by the throat and explaining in very loud terms you do not insult mamá.

And as for fluid language, since Spanish has been Spanish, the genre of the term Latino is either male or neutral depending on its application. I believe that this usage of Latinex does have to do with “inclusivity” because the language does not allow for alternative uses of gender in fluid individuals which is a lie: We have Latinos, Latinas and the following adjectives to those they are trying to push under the “x” umbrella: maricones, pendejos, sadicos and degenerados.

PS: And “Latine” is a dash too close to latrine. You really want to go with that one and be able to eat solid foods after saying it?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

33 thoughts on “OK, fuck this: Just slap them.”
  1. One single manga comic outsells the entire US industry. This is part of the reason why.

    I’d bet the comic writer is also lily white.

    1. Ironically, Spanish does have an official ruling body the Real Academia Española. As Spain’s official royal institution was founded in 1713(!) with a mission to ensure the stability of the Spanish language they work closely with similar institutions in some two dozen other Spanish-speaking countries. They might not have traditional police officers, but they are state-run, legally-empowered, official arbiters of what proper Spanish is and isn’t…

      …and they have soundly denounced “latinx” and “latine” for the bullshit that they are.

  2. The people pushing this are linguistic illiterates who may have some slight understanding of English but clearly don’t know any other language.

    Spanish, like many other languages, makes distinction of grammatical gender. Grammatical gender has some slight connection to biological gender, but a better way to think of it is as “a particular way of forming grammatical forms (inflective forms) of this word”. As you pointed out, pretending that it somehow forces you to deal with biology is just broken (even if you’re willing to assume that such dealings are a bad thing).

    1. Indeed. More in general, as I was taught in English class (in Holland — English is my third language): in English as in many other languages, the masculine form also serves as the gender-neutral form. And while we weren’t explicitly told this because no one expected such stupidity, but that includes “with the same number as for the other cases”. (In other words, no, “they” is not a singular pronoun.)

      1. They is a singular pronoun in English, has been for centuries, but it is used when the grammatical gender or the subject is unknown: “Someone broke into my car. They stole my radio.”

            1. I would tend to look in a grammar textbook, but anyway — you didn’t say “both” you said “they” as if that was the only answer. It may have been used in some places at times, but it certainly doesn’t match the grammar as it was taught to me.

              1. I said that “They is a singular pronoun” (emphasis added), I did not say it was the only singular pronoun. English has multiple singular pronouns.

  3. For the morbidly curious, this page comes from Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades (Vol. 1) #1 (2021). Written by Julio Anta, art by Enid Balám, inks by Oren Junior, and colors by Federico Blee.

    The black kid in these panels is Miles Morales (the second Spider-Man), the red-head is Anya Corazon (the second Spider-Girl) and the woman is Rio Morales… Miles’ Puerto Rican mother.

    Yeah. I’m hardly an expert, but in my experience a bratty Puerto Rican teenager lecturing a grown Puerto Rican woman in her own kitchen is going to be pulling sandals out of her backside in under a second. Spider-powers are impressive, they don’t hold a candle to pissed off latina mother powers.

  4. “Spider-powers are impressive, they don’t hold a candle to pissed off latina mother powers.”


    Pale commie feminazi hunted down by ticked-off mama with chanclas in hand. Film at 11.


  5. Hey Miggy

    Gotta push “da narrative ” now all the dirt people need to get with the program so the liberal white savior can save them. Jesus, how condescending. I’m white and this shit pisses me off, the group identity crap, screw individualism.

    1. The Woke are still white supremacist. Before, they thought minorities were dangerous animals to be controlled or culled. Now they think minorities are cute animals to be conserved and managed.
      Either way, the Woke consider minorities to be sub-human.

  6. The comic book industry for all intents and purposes is dead. Like gun control it’s just a zombie. The only good ones are the independent ones. Do you know that the new Superman comic series coming out Superman is run through by darkseid with a kryptonite spear and killed and is then replaced by his gay son.

    Just look at what’s going on, manga sales are obliterating comic book sales in the United States. It’s woke trash and people are not buying that woke trash.

  7. Who, exactly, is this for?
    Not the market they are trying to appease, I know that.

    But, really… who is this for?

    Is there anyone that really gets so offended if they are “misgendered” that latinx is necessary? Are there really that many children out there that will throw a tantrum if they the incorrect gender pronoun/noun is used to describe them? Do well established languages require modification in order to ensure “inclusion?”

    Let’s see, I grew up a long haired freaky person, and often got called “Miss” at my places of employment. Instead of getting offended, I got a nametag and wrote Miss in as my name. I do not know of a single woman that would get upset if someone referred to her as one of the guys.

    So, I ask again. Who is this really for?

    Preferred pronouns: I have a beard and pee standing up. Take a guess. (And, I am an adult, I will not get offended if you make a mistake.)

    1. The market for this crap is one of two groups:

      1. Comic book fans who will buy and read everything because they must have a copy of everything. The best way to brow-beat them into Wokeness is to have their heroes force it.

      2. People who hate America and everything America has ever produced. Superman, for example, used to fight for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” Now he fights for “My ‘Truth’, Social ‘Justice’, and the Woke Way.” There hasn’t been any real truth or justice under his watch for a very long time. (And even if Superman embraced it himself, he’s still a cis-hetero white male — by Woke definition the worst kind of person in the universe — which is why they have to kill him off [again] to let a marginalized minority take up the mantle.)

      That second group is not content to destroy and control America. They must also destroy and control every good thing America has ever made. Nothing is sacred, and they will not rest until they have it all.

      1. The funny thing is that Group 2, while loudly REEEEEing about everything they don’t like, never bought the thing in the first place, and still isn’t going to buy the thing after the change is made.

        And Group 1 is shrinking, and shrinking fast.

        These days, comics are more about keeping the IP for DC or Marvel movies, and an excuse to LOUDLY SIGNAL WOKE CORPORATE VIRTUE!!!!!!! over trying to make money.

        1. Is that one of those “we have to keep publishing titles to maintain copyrights so we can continue profiting from material that would otherwise have become public domain decades ago” things? Copyright law is weird and — like a lot of federal laws — full of exceptions.

          Or is it one of those “we didn’t create this material so we don’t care about it or its fans, but we can use it as a tool to push our Woke agenda, so we’ll do that” things?

          If either of those are the case, then yes, Disney/Marvel and DC will keep destroying their fan base, because Woke. (They’re not mutually exclusive; it could be both.)

  8. “We have Latinos, Latinas and the following adjectives to those they are trying to push under the “x” umbrella: maricones, pendejos, sadicos and degenerados.”

    I don’t speak but a few words of Spanish, but even I know these words and they are much more accurate than “latinx” or “latine”. Until very recently, I used to work with many “hispanics” (also a made up term – look up its origins). They all thought this non-gendered stuff was a pile of caca.

  9. The comic claims that the term “latinx” was invented by Latin American alphabet soup members. I wonder if that claim has any connection to reality, and if so, how feeble a one.

    1. According to every etymology of the word I have been able to find, the word “latinx” didn’t appear in print prior to 2004… in an academic journal article by a Puerto Rican professor.

      Puerto Rico, in case it escaped anyone’s notice, is not a Latin American nation.

  10. There’s a bit of Woke Racist irony in having the white appearing pale redhead Wokesplaining to the darker characters what they need to think.
    Even if she’s supposed to be Hispanic.

    1. Both women are supposed to be Puerto Rican, the colorist just did a really lousy job. Miles Morales is half Puerto Rican on his mother’s side and African American on his father’s… the two women should have the same skin tone.

      Bear in mind that earlier issue of this line had Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) of the X-Men on the cover of the issue celebrating their Asian heroes and the issue focused on their African heroes. She’s Chinese-American..

        1. In most of the books featuring these two characters that I’ve read, both Rio Morales and Anya Corazon are depicted as having the same brown-tan skin tone. Making Rio appear so much darker and Anya so much lighter on this page seems to be an error by the colorist…

          …still a stupid, stupid, stupid scene in either case.

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