I realize that I have a lot of traits that can be considered as “Conservative” and also a good quantity of other thoughts and principles that could be tagged as Liberal. That should make me a libertarian But fuck if I want to be associated with the clown show that the Libertarian party and a lot of the organized movement is right now.

So, how does Unincorporated Libertarian sound?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “OK, hear me out on this one.”
  1. I like it.

    These days though I favor dispensing the labels. It seems like too many people can’t see past their nose and get caught up on the label and become incapable of having a discussion and seeing the 90% of commonality.

  2. I prefer Constitutional Conservative. Libertarian leaning, Republican voting (because all 3rd parties get drowned out by the 2 party cabal).

    More importantly, you (we, and most of us here) are labeled as the enemy. Fascists, racists, etc. The left has plans for us

    1. Good ones, Jonesy. It seems to fit me well. Come to think of it, it even fits the late Neil Smith, one-time LP candidate, decades-long libertarian activist and writer. He too got sick of the LP; I remember distinctly his strong arguments for why voting for Trump was the right answer.
      In one of his novels (with JPFO founder Aaron Zelman) he described a libertarian-like party named the Constitution Party.

  3. Sounds fine. I have trouble fitting in too. I’m a reformed reform Jew. I had to leave due to their intolerable progressive views – I can’t identify as “self-gassing”. Politically conservative – I just want to be left alone by government and society. I believe in the Constitution, particularly the 2nd and 1st amendments in that order.
    I guess that makes me an Unorthodox Jew.

  4. I typically use small “L” libertarian and small “C” conservative, should a label be called for.

  5. Classical liberal — individual rights, favor reason, recognize there are times and places reason has to take the back seat.

  6. I’m independent, not an Independent, not a libertarian.
    Leave me alone and I won’t f you up. Simple lesson that libtardians will learn from like minded folks, hopefully, all across the fruited plain.

  7. “Conservatarian”. Charles C.W. Cooke wrote a book about it, “The Conservatarian Manifesto”. Not sure if he still writes for National Review, but he was one of the only writers there I really liked.

  8. I like “constitutional subsidiarist:” stick with what was written before 1920*, and let the lowest level of government that can deal with it, deal with it.

    *I’d scrap the national income tax, and keep the term limits for president and the 25th amendment. I’m on the fence about going back to the state legislatures appointing senators.

  9. I think I heard this from Andrew Wilkow, but I’ve always liked Conservaterian, conservative but with libertarian leanings

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