Do you guys remember this idio…er… “Second Amendment Auditor“?

Via Bearing Arms:

A self-described Second Amendment “auditor” was arrested Tuesday after being accused of illegally taking a rifle into an Oklahoma City restaurant.

Police allege Timothy A. Harper, 52, of Choctaw, violated a state law that prohibits possessing or carrying a rifle in any establishment where alcoholic beverages are consumed.

Prosecutors already have agreed to file a felony charge against Harper in Oklahoma County District Court, according to a police affidavit. If convicted, the gun rights activist faces up to two years in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Do you guys understand why I am an annoying asshole when I beat the drum of knowing the law rather than interpreting a law the way we would like? And that goes double for failures of following a simple law, may it be bad or not.

But once again, it gets better:

Harper admitted Monday in an online interview with another “auditor” that he took his rifle into Twin Peaks Nov. 2.
He said he was celebrating the state’s new permitless carry gun law by carrying “my rifle everywhere I can for one day.”

Police reported he was told he needed to leave Twin Peaks and he at first refused. “Timothy responded that he was not going anywhere,” a police lieutenant, Aron Sharp, wrote in the affidavit.

Gun rights activist arrested

This is not something brand new for discussion. Private Property is sacred and the demands of the owner or his/her representatives are to be accepted without an argument. You don’t get to impose your will just because you think your are morally superior than everybody else. Even if the law is on your side (and in this case it wa not) simple say yes, apologize and leave.

Since I am already branded a traitor, I don’t have to hide my delicate feelings and say the “auditor” had it coming for being an idiot and for making life difficult for the rest of gun owners.

Am I the only one that foresees an OCI being shot pulling one of these stunts?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “OK Man Conducting So-Called ‘Second Amendment Audits’ Arrested.”
  1. These idiots who believe they are above the law, especially in regards to private property rights, are hurting the case for open carry.

  2. So this guy goes out and celebrates Constitutional Carry by being a dick and giving every anti-gunner who poo-pooed Constitutional Carry an “I told you so.”

    Do I have that right?

    He needs to go to jail for being that level of a dick.

  3. Dolts. I’ve had to explain to some open carry folks what our State law actually says vs what they have on the web site that doesn’t actually quote the statute.

    Granted, I’m about as far from Florida as you can get and pretty much no one here bats an eye if someone has a pistol on their belt, a rifle over their shoulder while at a restaurant or at Fred Meyers would get some attention though.

    Anyhow the State site on Concealed Carry states you can not carry “In any place where intoxicating liquor is sold for on-site consumption, except a restaurant and the person does not consume alcohol beverages”. However, what they really mean, when you jump through about 6 different State statutes, is if they have the most restrictive type of liquor license which is usually restricted to beer and wine. However, a number of restaurants only serve beer and wine but have one of the more expansive liquor licenses, thus you can’t carry there. Also, some places, like my local watering hole, have a bar and restaurant in the same building and the same liquor licenses covers both so even if you are in the restaurant side you can’t carry.

    The laws are written by lawyers in a way to make more jobs for lawyers, not to make it easy for people to not break the law. I just don’t carry anywhere you can drink. On the plus side, everyone here I’ve talked to hasn’t been an idiot about it.

    1. This is where nation wide carry COULD get rreeaaalll interesting, in my state-Maine, you CAN carry where alcohol is served, BUT!!! don’t be drinkin, not one drink. And here you are required to do everything possible to de escalate a problem . So I chose to not go in bars. And if ANY privately owned( non gubmint) building is posted no weapons, it means dont ccw carry in there PERIOD. We have oci s here that post on fb how they dont care they are going to carry no matter.
      Weeelll sparky you gonna get what this guy got

  4. I agree with you with regards to this moron, but I don’t agree that property rights are absolute. Try putting up a sign that says “No Irish allowed” of “No blacks allowed” or chain your fire exits shut and see how absolute your property rights are.
    While I agree that a property owner should be able to control their property, they also have a legal responsibility for the results of that control. If I am disarmed because I am on your property and you demand that I be disarmed, you then become responsible for providing security. No different than you having no fire protection or fire exits leaves you liable.

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