The suspect killed in a home invasion Monday in Joplin was shot in self-defense by a guest staying at the address, police said today.
Michael P. Dean, 32, of rural Joplin, was shot and killed in the early morning break-in at 1616 W. Fourth St. Authorities say Dean and three other men entered the home of Austin Kitchingham illegally and Dean was shot by a guest whose name has yet to be released.
“It was an invited guest who acted in self-defense,” police Capt. Bob Higginbotham said. “I still can’t relinquish that person’s name. But they are considered a victim (in the home invasion).”

via Police say shooter acted in self-defense in Joplin home invasion – Joplin Globe: News.

Well, it was bound to happen, right? The first one on the left was the one who caught the ballistic prize for playing stupid games.

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