8-day-old boy killed by pit bull in North Carolina home

An 8-day-old baby boy has died after being attacked by a pit bull inside a North Carolina home.

Police said they found the newborn after being called to the home in Kenly, southeast of Raleigh, on Wednesday at 5 a.m.

Tell me what an 8-day-old child did to provoke an attack like that?

“But mine would never hurt anyone, he’s/she’s a sweetie.”

Yup, right until it flips like a light switch and rips a newborn to shreds.

No other breed does this.

Bring a pit bull around my kids and I’m gonna shoot it.


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By J. Kb

23 thoughts on “Okay pit bull lovers, defend this”
  1. Here is a prime example of the rule I posted previously. The only case where pit bulls are safe to own is if you……make it the one and only “baby” of the family and or yourself, and…..never let it free to territorialize a space and never let anyone into your home without you being there—assuming that you have trained control over the “biting of anything”, (food included) characteristic.

    The first command ingrained into the mind of a pitbul should be “NO BITE”. Upon which when the dog hears the command it spits-out and releases ‘anything’ in its mouth. This training must start when the puppy is four months old. It is essential that you ‘set up your dog to fail on a daily basis’ in order to implement non-corporal punishment—-as in ‘redundant shepherding the dog” until it gives up–very time-consuming to say the least.

    Most people do not have the ability to spend the required amount of time to defuse the ‘biting aspect’ of the dog’s character and replace it with an owner driven command system which the dog is trained to prefer.

    98% of the pitbul owners should NOT own a pitbul. Owning a pit bull is the equivalent to leaving a loaded gun with an angry child who hates anyone who receives attention, which they always believe, should be directed solely to them.

      1. Mark Webb, either you didn’t read the comment, or you didn’t understand it. My statement was not lame nor an excuse. Pit bulls should not be owned by 98% of pit bull owners. The 2% who do responsibly own them, know the inherent dangers of owning them, and thus have fully fenced in yards, and never let the dog into the public space, or always tie the dog to a runner when outside. And when people come into the home, the dog is always put into a safe room, so as to not mingle with anyone but the owner.

      2. Dogs are neither good nor evil; they lack the capacity to discern the difference.

        That said, pit-bulls seem physiologically designed to cause more damage than any other breed when they attack, and they have a natural temperament that makes attacks more likely.

        Dangerous? Yes, and that’s bad enough.

        But evil? No.

  2. Dave,

    I don’t think your explanation makes Pitbulls any more acceptable. It is an admission they are dangerous vicious animals. It is like a person raising King Cobra Snakes in New York City justifying his hobby.

    I looked for more news. There were only 4 stories I found, all with the same basic information. The Daily Mail had some statistics:

    Nationally, 72 infants were killed in dog attacks in the past 16 years with pit bulls responsible for 49 percent of those deaths


    Any dog can be made vicious or a killer, but 49% of Baby Killers are pitbulls. I see J.’s side may have merit.

    1. My statement did not ‘make pit bulls more acceptable’ in fact my statement did exactly the opposite (98% should not own them who do own them). That pretty much makes them very unacceptable as a “Pet” for one’s home. They are not a pet, but they are serious killer of anything which receives attention from their owner, when they believe they should be the only ones receiving attention.

      That said, I have personally trained over a dozen of this bred for specific purposes other than that of a “Pet” for a homeowner. Completely fenced-in junk yards for instance, with signs posted every fifty feet are the place for such a dog. A room used as a gun vault (large area) or gun-smith shop with product, is another proper place to have one.

      Other than those those types of cases, there really isn’t a justifiable case in which a pit bull should be trusted.

    2. Buried in that article:
      Nationally, in the 16-year period of 2005 through 2020, 568 Americans have been killed in canine attacks, DogBites.org reported.
      \/\/\/Pit bulls contributed to 67 percent of deaths.\/\/\/

      During the same period, 72 infants were killed in dog attacks nationwide.
      Pit bulls reportedly accounted for 49 percent of deaths, followed by huskies, Rottweilers and German shepherds at 13, 10 and 8 percent respectively.

  3. I’m seeing a lot of ire directed at Dave Douglass for his comments, but I agree with him. Read what he’s actually saying.

    The only change I’d make is that I’d say 99% of pit-bull owners shouldn’t own them. (To whit, I’d cut the “should own them” number in half.)

    I know a lot of people who love their pit-bulls and pit-bull mixes. They all say the exact same thing, pretty much verbatim (like an anti-gunner who speaks in talking points but has never really read an opposing view): “It’s not the dog; it’s the owner. They’re great dogs if you raise them right.”

    I’m sure they are, but that’s a REALLY BIG “IF” — far too big for me to entrust the lives and safety of my family to someone else’s idea of “raising them right”. (Besides which, is it just me, or do the injuries from pit-bull attacks tend to be much more severe than other dog attacks?)

    Someone wants to keep pit-bulls in their home, they can keep pit-bulls … in their home. I won’t be taking my kids over there, and the second one gets out and comes near me or mine, all bets are off.

  4. One of my dogs is a pit mix. She has never been aggressive with people, but she has never been around really young kids unattended either. That would just be stupid. I have found that, while she is good with people, she is extremely aggressive towards other dogs despite being smaller than most of the dogs she tries to fight. Once she passes, I very much doubt that I will ever get another pit. They can be sweet dogs, but they are just too damn much trouble.

      1. Where was the apology? For that matter, where was Dave Douglass’?

        Why is it that every commenter who says they own a pit or pit mix, have owned one, have interacted with one, or have seen one from across the street, is suddenly an “apologist”?

        You should take that chip off your shoulder before you sprain something.

  5. Hard tp train a dog to be both a guard and a “family member”. And that is before you get to “Pits”.

    1. Mike, that’s the same reason a lot of ADA service dogs (seeing-eye dogs for the blind, allergen-detecting dogs for the severely allergic, etc.) wear vests that say something like, “I’m working, please do not pet me.”

      These dogs are trained to do a job, and they love doing it, but they are working animals — not pets or “family members” — and affection from random strangers is a distraction that makes them less able to do their jobs.

  6. Pit bulls were selectively bred for fighting large and/or dangerous animals, including bears, badgers, boars, and other dogs. This breeding specifically favored a temperament of extreme determination and perseverance when fighting. Pit bulls will continue to fight after suffering significant damage including serious or even mortal wounds, and will actively seek to engage and re-engage targets they view as potentially hostile until they or their target is physically incapacitated or killed.

    There is no way to make this breed safe for families or normal social interactions. This is a specialized breed intended for extreme and violent working environments.

    These animals should require special licenses for ownership, training, and breeding. Some may consider this similar to firearms control, it is a different thing. While I find most arms control legislation to be reprehensible, firearms and other weapons are entirely controlled by the user. These dogs are more like an artificial intelligence weapon system with little or no human control. They are able to activate themselves, and when they do, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    Likely the best course of action would to require tiered licensing for breeding, training, and ownership, with a requirement that all non-breeding animals be neutered or spayed.

    1. Grey, thanks for expanding on the facts of the pit bull breed. You’re 100% correct. I have trained many dogs over the past thirty-five years, with 13 being pit bulls, custom trained for one thing, and that is tearing anything apart that criminally trespasses a business parameter.

      I have trained German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers for personal protection within the home environment and in the public domain. The pit bull in comparison were only capable of 1/4 of the commands the other three breeds could comprehend.

      “No Bite” was one of the commands all four breeds comprehended and obeyed. All 13 pits would stop engaging everything when hearing the command. However, it was the first human-interaction they experienced, so it was the basis for all other commands—they could not eat if they could not obey the command, thus they obeyed the command. They learned it before they could do damage…as the age of four to six months.

      A pit bull left to its own natural mind, is a catastrophe waiting to happen…as you perfectly stated.

  7. I believe Pit Bulls should be treated like Tigers, requiring a exotic pet permit, a enclosure designed for a man killers and most important, not allowed in city limits.

  8. Do we cherry pick data, admit our confirmation bias or do we just leave pits in the hands of thugs because people like you have decided to demonize a breed? I’ll see your pit and raise you three rotweiler attacks that I know of personally and I forget the breed but the dog became a celebrity because stupid PETA asses kept it alive for a year saying a dog shouldn’t be killed for killing a child (some sort of mountain breed) the dog was finally killed. Enough already. Don’t own a pit. Come near any of my dogs ever and see who I value more.

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