This is now an old video, but the truth holds amazingly well.

And technology has advanced so much that the CCTVs that mass mentions for ” a few hundred bucks” are down to insanely cheap prices like the Zmodo WiFi outdoor camera for $39.99.

This is one of them in action keeping an eye on my back porch. . Sorry about the mess, I am in the midst of cleaning up and rearranging stuff.

Back Porch. Mom’s Orchid is on top of the table.
Night vision

I had not mentioned the brand before because I wanted to be sure the cameras not only worked but lasted. A year later I am happy to say that the only issue I have with them is the frigging spiders using them as frames for their webs.

I have 2 more (one of them a door bell cam (I had issues with it) and I am planning on possibly getting at least one extra for the front. If you buy them, do the set up BEFORE installing them and use the QR code method as it is the simplest and fastest. Zmodo sucks with the written instructions but they are fantastic on their phone support.

Door bell camera

Caveat: This cameras do not run on batteries, they need to be wired.  In the doorbell cam, it means attached to a door bell transformer as a minimum, but if your home already has an electric door bell, then you are set as it is as simple as adding the doorbell cam to the circuit.

Remember: these cameras are not for avoiding crime. I reckon you have seen enough YouTube videos to figure that one out. They are our extra set of eyes that allow you to see what is going on outside your house and give you extra seconds to activate your security measures. Worse case scenario, they will provide evidence of the crime that happened, hopefully when you and your loved ones were away.

That is all.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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