Miguel is a friend.

The kind of friend that if he calls in the wee hours of the morning telling me that he needs help and a bag of lye, I’m on my way no questions asked.

He told AWA and I he was having hernia surgery earlier in the week.

I’m surprised he did post about it beforehand, he usually does when he’s going through stuff like that.

When he texted us that he was in recovery, I sent him a screenshot of the draft post I made.  He laughed.

That’s when I knew it was okay to post it.  I wasn’t going to until I knew he was safe in recovery and in good spirits.

There is an episode of MASH called Tea and Empathy, in which a British officer enters the recovery tent and starts yelling at his soldiers for being lazy.  Hawkeye throws him out.  Later the officer returns and Hawkeye confronts him.

The officer says that only a madman would yell at greviously wounded soldiers and his men know he’s not a madman. So in his own way he was telling his men that they would be alright.

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I’ll also reference you to all of the Friars Club roasts.

When we are all assured that Miguel was going to be okay, a little gentle ball-busting was warranted.  Especially since he had inguinal hernia surgery, I had to be gentle with his balls (zee, another joke).

Nothing malicious.

Just a guy friend doing what guy friends do.

The male version of watching The Notebook with a quart of Ben &Jerry’s.

Perhaps this doesn’t translate as well in written form as it does verbally, but know this fir what it is.

And if it makes you feel any better, this is the get well present I got for Miguel.



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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “On my post about Miguel’s surgery”
  1. Heads up– I tried to renew my membership and I got a “there is a critical error on this website” message.

  2. Very true.. i too have a short list of “phone friends”and a backhoe… the ball busting is most definitely a guy thing. True friends will sound to outsiders like we truely HATE each other..
    Good times.

    1. It’s a guy thing, but… I’ve had a (very) few female friends who got it, and knew when friendly insults were in order and what insults were appropriate. They do exist.
      This, BTW, doesn’t include either of the ex-GFs who are in the “real friends help you move bodies” category.

  3. If you can’t get a dig in like that and laugh hard (zee, another one), it’s not a friendship… it’s an acquaintance.
    pretty awesome how quickly the crowd caught up to your scheme based on the comments. I was snorting and chuckling so much reading them that the smarter half asked ‘what are you reading that’s more important than my story?’ so yeah…. worth it…
    and that’s a helluva ‘sorry, bud’ present – I’ve been eyeballing one myself for a while now, so pretty please? a photo shoot and review when the time comes?

  4. Perfect example is the stick cartoon of the guy in the hospital and his buddy comes over and starts giving him crap like ‘It will make the coffin easier to carry” etc. He leaves and nurse asked if patient had a visitor. Guy says ‘yeah, feeling better now’ (paraphrase)
    I laughed. Wife didn’t get it.

  5. Well played, J. Kb. Now let’s talk about shooting down Chinese spy balloons. F-16s out of Shaw AFB reportedly. Twenty mm M61A1Gatling gun. Would you load Nosler or Sierra bullets?

  6. When friends get a chance at a free shot on most anything, it is a required guy thing to take the shot.
    I show affection to my friends by gently bullying them. Sometimes not so gently, but never mean.
    Yeah, right. 😉

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