This video has been going around:


I have listened to this video several times.

I have no idea what the boy said to the girl.

It really doesn’t matter because at the time the girl threw the first punch, the boy had backed away, was not facing her, and had his hands full.  He was not in any sort of aggressive posture.

The girl put on a pair of brass knuckles before sucker-punching the boy in the side of his head.

A hit like that absolutely has the potential to be lethal.

It looks like she hit him in the temple or side of the eye.

With brass knuckles, that could easily have done enough damage to cause blindness or the loss of the eye.

This was not defensive, this was assault.

The two things to note.


It’s scary how many people in the comment thread think that a girl sucker-punching a boy is with brass knuckles is fine of the boy said something rude to her, and conversely, since she did punch him, he must have deserved it.

It’s that male privilege that you can take a sucker-punch to the dome with brass knuckles and everyone thinks you deserved it.


Watch the hands.  This girl had time to put on a weapon and close distance while the boy was distracted. Your fight is not over when you decide it’s over but when your enemy decides it’s over.  Just because you back away doesn’t mean your opponent will let you walk away.  Maintain your situational awareness until you achieve safe distance.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “On sucker-punches…”
  1. It occurs to me the second point is highly relevant in situations not usually considered as “in-person” as this would be … for instance, dealing with road-ragers. Even if you think you disengaged cleanly, it might be worth taking a few extra steps make absolutely certain.

  2. Does not matter what sexual organs the puncher/punched has. That was an unreasonable response.
    Words are not assault, with very few exceptions. Responding to words with violence is almost never warranted. Now, I only have the videos presented to make that determination, and it is quite possible the boy hit or otherwise harmed the girl earlier, but his demeanor does not indicate that.
    There is no justification (based on what I see) for the violent response.
    And, your final point is valid, always.

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