It started with this post.


Congressman Max Miller responded this way:


Now the internet is on fire and there is about to be sectarian violence between Christians and Jews.

Miller may have overreacted, but you need to understand the divide here.

I understand the Christian perspective.  Lizzie was making a statement of faith.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, it wasn’t malicious.

What Jews, with out thousands of years of faith, tradition, and history of being persecuted for that faith, hear is: “You’re wrong, there is no hope for you l, and you’re going to hell.”

This, however, is the problem with proselytization.  What one side might have said in love and concern for the souls of others, is heard as an attack on their faith, culture, and identity.

We Jews do not proselytize and we take deep offense at being proselytized to.

I’ll be honest, even though I understand what Lizzie is saying and giving her the benefit of the doubt, my reflexive position is that she’s an asshole for saying what she said the way she said it.

Now a very vocal side of the Christian Right is playing the wounded victim, with this as an example of Jews using the power of government to oppress Christians.

On that later point, we need to be clear what a First Amendment violation actually is.

A Congressman saying: “Your post sucks and you should delete it” isn’t a violation.

A Congressman saying: “Your post sucks and you should delete it or you will face legal consequences” is a a violation.

If a simple opinion without the backing of force is a violation, then any Congressman who wishes people a Merry Christmas is in violation for creating a official state religion.  Without any weight of enforcement behind it, it’s just a person opinion which everyone, including Congressmen, are entitled to.

But back to the main point.

One of the most salient features of American Exceptionalism is our lack of sectarian conflict.

Compared to Europe or Asia, with theor thousands of years of religious wars, America has lived in religious harmony.

I’d like to keep it that way.

This is an issue of cultural sensitivity, or lack there of, where each side feels slighted.

Christians, for being called bigots for professing an article of faith.

Jews, for being told (one again) that were wrong, bad, and going to hell.

The Left already hates the Jews.  I don’t want the mainstream Rught to adopt the alt-Right Naziesque Jew-hating position that ‘the Jews are attacking Christianity.’

Rather than retreat to extremes, can we understand the situation in context.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “On the Lizzie Max thing”
  1. Further dividing…. Us agin them… when we were founded on you do you and I will do me, and I won’t force you to my religion and you won’t force me to yours… and gumint can’t do that to either of us… the only real hope(I hate that word) is to get back to our founding principles…

  2. A voice of (dripping with scorn) reason, J.Kb?
    How dare you?!!
    Seriously … Well put.

  3. Well said. I have many Jewish friends and respect their faith because it is my faith too—the God of the Jew is my God. However, I don’t offer that to anyone unless, I said unless, they really demonstrate a real interest in what makes me tick. With Christians and Jews, Jehovah should be the center of the conversation, let’s keep it in the Old Testament. If a Christian can’t do that, I really don’t have anything to engage in.
    Ok back to cleaning my AR while enjoying a strong Bucaramanga coffee and a Davidoff Nicaraguan.

  4. She was fired from her position in Ohio Right to Life after a confrontation with Millers wife who is a board member of that organization.

    A local lefty news rag going by The Rooster was crowing, heh, about her position being in trouble and it seems someone was leaking info to them and one of their correspondents. Apparently she called an abortion activist a murderous liar in a tweet about the recent special election on Issue 1 and someone at the organization was worried about the “tone”. The later confrontation with the Millers seemed to have been the last straw.

  5. “Jews, for being told (one again) that were [sic] wrong, bad, and going to hell.”

    Yeah, so what?

    That’s what she believes. I don’t. It’s just a friggin’ tweet. She’s not holding a sword to the back of my neck attempting to force me into converting.

    Orthodox Jews have told me that I won’t get into heaven because I don’t do shacharit, minchah, and maariv every day. That’s what they believe and they’re not forcing me to do so. So what?

    For background, I was beaten up back in grade school for being Jewish. That was (obviously) crossing the line. Of course, the principal didn’t seem to care and, fortunately for me, it never went beyond fists and was pretty much over by junior high.

    Sticks and stones and hand weaponry will break my bones, other people’s religious beliefs (as long as they keep to words) will rarely hurt me.

    Max, get over yourself. Thanks.

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