In 2018, we saw the Broward County Sheriff Department create a perimeter and fail to respond to a mass shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

In 2022,we watched as 376 police officers of various departments stand around and listen to children scream and die in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

In 2023, we watched five cops gang up on a man and beat him to death after a traffic stop.

The last two mass shooters I read about being stopped were stopped by civilians.  A guy with his CCW in Indiana and a guy with gumption grabbing the shooters gun.

Right now it seems like lose concealed carry laws save more lives than the thin blue line.

So what we have in high profile law enforcement are cops who can’t be counted on to protect children from being murdered but can beat citizens to death over a traffic citation.

If those are the kinds of people quitting and not signing up…

Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “On the police exodus: fuck ’em”
  1. In the Tyre Nichols case, one if not two of five black police officers could be in trouble once the cause of death is determined. So I’ll wait to weigh-in on that one. From what I can tell at this point, I have one question, “why in hell did it take so long for five large policemen to get complete control of a much smaller person?” To me, it looked like at least three of them were confused as to how to proceed with an uncooperative, non-compliant individual. Two of them resorted to kicks, to what seemed to be from viewing the video, the guy’s head.

    My thoughts have been for several years, that none of these types of cases would occur if the level of non-compliance wasn’t so high. It seems the criminal element of society has escalated their combativeness toward police is viewed as a ‘right due to victim status’ and thus, it should be tolerated or held to a much less degree of enforcement. If I was in law enforcement, this would frustrate me to no end. You’re damned if you enforce the law on the books and follow policy, and you’re damned if don’t enforce the laws and follow policy. There is no right way to uphold the law….with certain individuals of the criminal element of society.

    Many judicial systems do not support law enforcement, in fact they exacerbate the situation, resulting in an escalation in criminal combativeness. In the Nichols case, I could not help but think that black officers can’t take another day of black criminals disrespecting them….completely out of patience, exhausted from the current direction the anti-law enforcement movement has forced them to move towards, i.e., social councilors who should never resort to force.

    In many law enforcement agencies across the nation, good moral officers are leaving their profession because of a contradiction far too great to endure, and survive professionally and personally. It should be noted that the only places in the USA where a CCW individual can use deadly force is in a jurisdiction which supports such actions. Social justice activism is even escalating in those areas as well. One thing is for sure in many states today, and that is, the police are indeed fucked, and we as CCW holders are not far behind.

    1. I’ve had similar thoughts about compliance – or lack thereof. But I want to be a little careful about not doing a reverse “blaming the victim” thing.
      I also think we have a real problem with understanding continuum of force, both ong some of the police and in the general public, that doesn’t at all help. In that vein, I’d argue that tasers have made the situation harder to assess properly, both for cops and for the people they’re trying to arrest. But that is perhaps another discussion.
      Maybe we should work on rolling out net guns and tranquilizer dart guns. (Nobody ever gets ODd from those in the movies, right?)

  2. The good, honorable, self-respecting cops are quitting and what is left are the type the five are, animals. This situation will continue to get worse, as long as wokeism is the law of the land.

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