I am not taking sides. I am taking notes.

Russia is still Soviet.

Ukraine is still corrupt.

Both are utilizing propaganda in social media, which is a nice way to say they are lying their asses off in Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/et all.

Innocent people always get caught in the middle of two sets of assholes and pay with their lives.

And we are being fucked at home because the current administration probably collects from both sides of the conflict and both sides are probably demanding a return for their investment.

Not one single American life should be sacrificed by being sent there to fight for something of zero interest to us. Let the rest of the NATO moochers to put their nuts in the block.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “On this Ukraine conflict thing.”
  1. Sorry, the governing classes, here and over there, don’t have any nuts. That’s why they’re so willing for the peons to do it for them.

  2. I still disagree that this is “zero interest to us”. As Ukraine goes, so goes Taiwan, and that clearly is of interest to us. A large fraction of our economy is at risk if the CCP conquers Taiwan.

      1. Why choose when you can have both? The media seems to be itching for us to get involved in Ukraine. If we do and Putin gets backed into a corner, I’m guessing some kind of nuclear threat is realistic. Xi will most certainly take Taiwan at that point if he didn’t already. Will Xi be willing to use nukes against us if we come to the defense of Taiwan? Who knows, no one has really been talking about it.

        1. Odds are we will have both, I wasn’t clear. Some people think a nuclear war would be over in a couple of hours, not a big deal, it wouldn’t interfere with business. China taking control of Taiwan, that be bad for business.

    1. I’m sure China will be just as happy to sell us stuff made in Taiwan as anybody else. Don’t really care. Let Russia take Ukraine, let China take Taiwan, and we’ll take about 200 miles of Mexican territory adjacent to the border, build a big fricking wall, and turn it into no-mans land. Everybody is happy.

  3. We just take out Reagan’s old playbook, and send support but no soldiers.
    A playbook Ronnie stole from the Soviets in the first place.

  4. 1. This is the eight anniversary of Russia Annexing Crimea. Eight years ago, Ukraine did not even fight back, or really failed at fighting back 8 years ago. The Russian Military looked and performed like an efficient and professional conquering force. That was only eight short years ago. Look how things have changed on both sides.
    2. Have the Russians taken many/ any of their Day 3 objectives, much less Day 21 objectives? They still do not have Air Superiority?
    3. Putin is dredging up Ossetians (Georgian secessionists), Chechens, Wagner neo-nazi mercenaries, and Syrians to fill out his invasion forces. It sounds like Putin thought it would be easier, and now he is scrambling, but not getting very far, very fast?

    4. We are not hearing much about Ukraine losses. Are the defenders being isolated and destroyed in place defending those surrounded and isolated Eastern Cities?

    5. Who will run out of money and munitions first? The Canadians have already run out of military supplies to send to Ukraine.
    A lot of Eastern European countries cleared or are clearing their Soviet Era junk out of their warehouses to send to Ukraine. Remember the 2,000 Strela MANPADS from Germany? They were over-age and unstable.crap that was useless.

  5. Taiwan is our own making.
    We want Cheap shit and we don’t wanna pay alot. Period.
    That Sucks.
    The real cost is soldiers and ships, in this case. Lots of soldiers. Glug glug glug
    Forward “😎🐿”


    Craaaaane Landia..

    “Geopolitically” Speaking….

    Krainelandia… IS Russia’s bitch…
    ……as Mexico IS Ours ….as IS Canada for that matter.
    It is ….That simple.
    News to them I bet! , The State Dept plays the Refined Lovey role.
    But we know, we know…..
    They be A Pimp Named Slick Back.

    “Geopopo-litically” Speaking.

    We shouldn’t be Playin EyeHump Sniff this with his woomens.
    We sure wouldn’t put up with it.

    Hell, we have been here before.

    This ain’t hitler jappy jap…
    This is more like…Din-Do won the powerball lottery and in a week he’s broke, has uncurable clap, his ass hurts , has a deviated septum and owes ten times more than he won.
    After all how far can putin go, i keep hearin he’s broke.
    he’s bogged down.
    Half his army is dead
    Half his army is captured
    russian crap doesnt work.
    they dont know logistics…
    he’s threatening to jump
    CIA Says he is gonna Hold his breath and drink poison on tv….


    Sooo , What Can We Count On?
    We can Count on this….

    “When the Coke runs out….everybody boogies.”

    Count on That.

    Oh almost forgot..
    Your post is spot on.

  6. We should remember that Putin ain’t our buddy. He ain’t a Holy Christian Warrior launching a Great Crusade to liberate the West from Wokeism. He ain’t gonna be making Trump the Emperor of the Americas.

  7. If we go near this, it will be the excuse for government restrictions that will make the covid lockdowns look like a libertarian wet dream. And that’s most likely what pedo Joe wants. His handlers anyway. That douche wants his pudding cup.

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