Some news from the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting:

Colorado Springs nightclub patron grabbed gun from shooter: mayor

The gunman who opened fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs on Saturday night was subdued by a patron who snatched a handgun from the shooter and struck him with the firearm, according to the city’s mayor.

Aldrich was wearing body armor and was equipped with an AR-15-style rifle, according to The New York Times.

More and more we see this bad guys wearing body armor.

Your concealed carry handgun probably won’t punch through that.

You need to be ready to start the fight between the top of his dick and bottom of his belly button.

Shatter the pelvis, destroy the lumbar spine, sever the sciatic nerve cluster, and lacerate the iliac arteries.  That is your goal.

Those are fight stopping hits, maybe not right away, but they will anchor the bad guy and take away his ability and desire to cause hsvoc.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Once again, be prepared to shoot a guy in the crotch”
  1. Mr Boris! I peed a little!!!
    Or as g gordon liddy said- shoot em in the face cause they got body armor…. ( how long before biden bans body armor??)

  2. ‘cuz it’s just that good…

    Thanks for the reality check, Clint!
    “Hi, My name is Faith, and it’s only gonna go down from here!
    BOOM, in the crotch! BOOM, in the crotch!”

  3. Any real confirmation it was armor? We hear that all the time and usually it is just tac gear.

    We are definitely seeing armor used more, just wondering if actually the case here.

    Iirc the buffalo dude was wearing plates.

    Consequence of availability, we will be seeing it more and more. Only a matter of time until the first one uses nvgs or thermals.

  4. I am a little puzzled why the perp isn’t on a slab in the coroner’s lab with multiple gunshot wounds instead of in a hospital bed. If I had attacked this piece of filth bare handed and managed to wrest a firearm from him, I would have emptied the magazine into his worthless corpse. The only justification for using his handgun (taken from the perp by an Army veteran per Wikipedia) as a non-ergonomic club is that the magazine was empty. No info from the DNC’s propaganda arm on the magazine status.

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