Once again the faithful return to worship Saint Trayvon of Miami Gardens

The “documentary” is trending like crazy in Twitter and as expected, so are the old lies and misinformation of before. If anything, there is a new wrinkle to add to the cauldron of political feces: Nikolas Cruz.

You se, both teens were beneficiaries of School Board programs that hid and erased any crimes and violent behavior they committed in school so the School Board would be able to present to the rest of government and the public outstanding figures on how low was crime in school and how they were making sure their kids were not going to jail. But while they were getting congratulations and accolades, criminal behavior was still happening and they knew it. The only difference is that Trayvon Martin selected the wrong victim and paid the ultimate price. Nikolas Cruz planned with care and killed 15 students.
You should take a little time and read Incompetence Wasn’t the Problem in Broward County posted by Jack Cashill in The American Thinker. It explains better the school board programs in both counties, the lies that created and the deadly results.


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