Armed Leftist taking public property as autonomous zones.

But that’s fine and not worth sending in tens of thousands of National Guardsmen to protect the city.

Blue America will fall to Antifa without a fight.  It’s only an insurrection when unarmed people on the Right protest.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Once again we’re shown that it’s not an insurrection when the Left does it”
  1. “Blue America will fall to Antifa without a fight.” If that is accurate, I see no problem. No more than I see a problem when gang bangers kill each other.

    It’s only when innocent bystanders get hurt that I worry.

  2. In a sane world, whenever one of these “autonomous zones” cropped up, the response by the government should be to say “Okay, fine.” Then erect cordons around it to ensure no “undocumented immigrants” entered or exited the new sovereign state… and prevent anyone from “exporting” food, water, electricity, or other fuels into the “autonomous zone.”

    Salmon Street Springs is a fountain built on a couple hundred square feet of concrete in the middle of what was once Portland’s main commercial port. That area wasn’t viable farmland before the city was founded, it sure as hell ain’t farmable now that it’s covered in two centuries of industrialization and solid concrete.

    “Okay, fine. You’re autonomous. Figure out how to feed yourselves.”

    1. Also, any act of violence from an official of the “autonomous zone” against a citizen of the United States should be regarded as casus belli.

      Then we hold a lottery and one lucky infantry platoon wins the opportunity to roll in on a Friday morning to conquer an entire “sovereign state” by themselves… and they can have the rest of the weekend off.

  3. SSPAZ — well, they have both “SS” and “spaz” parts in there, so we can’t say they’re not honest about who they are.

  4. I keep wondering how hard it would be for some American that is between 200 and 500 yards outside of the autonomous zone to his one of these assholes with a .30 caliber projectile, then wait to see how long it takes them to call the cops for help. Since a single shot from 400 yards away is unlikely to be caught on video, so such a shooter unlikely to be caught.
    So far, the occupants of the autonomous zones have been the initiators of all violence. They haven’t been on the receiving and of anything. I am willing to be they cry like little bitches.

  5. Check the rest of the KOIN News twitter feed, Street racing, 5! people shot at the vigil for a man shot early that morning, another man shot dead in a convenience store parking lot.

    Sorry Ish, but Portland sounds like a shit hole.

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