The same Leftists who are saying that arresting and deporting illegal immigrants who have been found in violation of the law, and have had arrest and deportation orders signed by judges, are having their human rights violated by a fascist President, and American citizens should hide them and shield them from federal law enforcement…

Are the same Leftists that cheer on the idea of warrantless door to door raids by law enforcement to arrest and kill gun owners that refuse to give of their assault rifles and high capacity magazines after they pass some broad sweeping gun ban.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “One more thought on the ICE raids”
  1. There’s no contradiction at all. After all, only humans have human rights, and the collectivists have made it abundantly clear that they don’t view gun owners as human.

  2. It’s absurd. You have all of these representatives here in CT talking about setting up protection and defense networks, telling neighbors to look out for one another and AID ABD ABET, etc.

    They are putting out a very strong message that the rule of law is meaningless and that you as a citizen do not need to abide by laws you don’t agree with, especially federal ones.

    Yet if I decide you know I’m not going to pay my taxes or I’m going to decline to register my car decline to present myself in court etc etc I’ll have no state sponsored protection.

    I am sympathetic to people who came here illegally and simply want to have a better life and took the only route they could/knew/saw to achieve that quickly. You loose me with all this shit the state is doing because the message it effectively gets across is the law is subject to the arbitrary and capricious whims of whom or whatever is politically defensible or excusable in that moment not the supposed objective standard of it.

    If those in charge have no respect for the law, why should anyone else? How long before we go full banana republic because of that?

    1. Matt, this whole bit of capricious law and law that means whatever they choose it to mean is exactly the goal. That’s what “living constitution” means, quite explicitly. They don’t want defined standards, they want to make s*** up as they go, randomly changing it to fit their desires of the day.

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