When we moved, I was surprised there was no regular trash collection services and was introduced to the nearby “convenience center.”

It is sort of a drive-thru garbage collection place with two huge compactors where you dump your regular trash and assorted containers for recyclables and other types of refuse. Our strategy is to collect all the garbage bags into a 55-gallon barrel liner, tape it shut when full and then just load it and take it to the center. If nobody is ahead of me, I may be in and out under 2 minutes which may include the usual salutations to the attendants.

Truth be told, I like it better than the regular truck service. No longer I have to worry about taking the cans out (and then back in) on garbage day and washing the damned things because they stink.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “One of the things I enjoy about living in the almost-boonies.”
  1. I LOVE my dumpster!! Its down by the road and every 2 weeks I come home and its majically! empty..$50 a month and worth every penny. We have hippy “dump nazis “ here and I will shoot them if I have to deal with them….

  2. We sort-of have the best of all worlds here.
    Weekly trash, and biweekly yard waste / recycle pickup.
    The local “Eco station” takes regular trash, e-waste, metal scrap, yard waste, big stuff (e.g. mattresses), hazardous household chemicals, etc. Some things are always “free” to drop off; for the rest you get 12 trips per year for free, whatever size load you want … including if you should want to bring a U-Haul.
    Finally, there are large cardboard, recycling and glass bins at various places, drop off any time you want.
    I’ll tell you, that last is real handy when unpacking from moving…

  3. Out here, we have what are called “Transfer stations”. As a resident of the town, I can get a town sticker. It is free. This means I can transport my trash/garbage to the transfer station. As long as I’m willing to separate out the recyclables, then it is free.
    The town has a contract with a waste management company. This company comes over to take away the dumpsters from the transfer station when they are full. The town has contracts for the rest of the recycling.
    If you don’t want to transport your own trash/garbage, the same company that the town contracts with will contract with you as well. They come around once or twice per week, depending on what you pay for, and collect your trash and garbage.
    If you don’t want to deal with recycling but don’t want to pay for pickup, the waste management company has a per pound charge. You drive in, get weighed. Dump your stuff in their dumpsters. Get weighed, pay for the difference. The waste management company then has their people do the sorting for recycling purposes.

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