What is diffCarry.

In Florida:

It’s a felony to block a road with a protest in Florida.

It’s legal to run over protesters who threaten you in self-defense.

Constitutional carry is legal.

Protesters know not to fuck around.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “One of these is not like the other”
  1. If I remember this evening’s news right, the Chicago demonstrators got arrested; the California ones did not.

    When the state government allows supporters of terrorism to shut down a major road for most of the day, you know their priorities are utterly f**ked.

  2. Question/thought experiment: if an illegal immigrant were to throw those Hamas affiliates off of the Golden Gate bride, would the San Fran DA prosecute?

  3. Even Oregon is running out of patience with this crap. I just read that the Oregon State Police arrested all the jihadi rapist lovers who blocked I-5 in Eugene. Apparently enough donors got angry that Kotek is no longer covering for the black bloc

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