I guess this makes AOC one of the filthy, unwashed, Trump-supporting, science-denying, deplorables.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “One of us… one of us…”
  1. Perhaps if she wore her mask while vacationing with her pasty white legged boyfriend in FL last week. If only.

    And, today marks yet another day where I did not want to date her. Whew…


    Er…I mean…hmmm…

    Sucks to suck at life.

    Genuinely, I hope it’s the anemic omicron, that she gets trivially I’ll, and recovers rapidly.

    It *would* be nice, if her ability to empathize with deplorable a would be enhanced, as a long term effect, but, well the likelihood…..

  3. There’s a report that some businesses are saying testing positive for Covid is usable as proof of vaccination, so she’s good.

    The report is from the Babylon Bee, but the line between truth and satire is getting harder and harder to find these days.

  4. Remember: When you get covid, it’s because you’re a backwoods redneck who doesn’t know what’s best for yourself and you deserve what you get

    When they get covid, it’s because you’re a backwoods redneck who has no regard for other people’s lives and it’s your fault they got infected

  5. The problem is she’s still thinking that she’s still dealing with Covid Alpha.

    Alpha was a woke virus. It had read “White Fragility”, and was careful to avoid contaminating people who were in the process of furthering the goals of Social Justice. It didn’t contaminate BLM marches, “mostly peaceful” protest, and expensive dinners at exclusive restaurants with lobbyist and politicians.

    Omicron, however, is Red Pilled. It wears a MAGA hat and listens to Joe Rogan. It doesn’t care about mask or vaccinations, and is happy to infect the Fauci drones.

  6. Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha stop! I cant breathe…id say F her but she mite take it as a compliment… i wouldnt touch that with my dogs thingy…🤮

  7. I think that even her comrades at the CDC have admitted that the “snot-test”, by itself don’t mean squat. “Snot Positive” means “exposed”, probably from another democrat in the back halls of “Power”. She is young enough that she would shrug off the Kung Flu like all the other children.

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