First, in Arizona:

Wendy’s employee charged with murder after customer he sucker-punched dies from injuries

A Wendy’s employee has been charged with second-degree murder after an elderly customer he sucker-punched last month died in the hospital from his injuries, according to reports.

Antoine Kendrick, 35, had just taken the 67-year-old man’s order at the register on July 26 at a restaurant in Prescott Valley, Arizona when police said the customer complained about his food.

The blow knocked the customer to the ground and he hit his head on the floor, forcing him to lose consciousness.

Here is video of the fatal punch:


Next we turn to Hell New York City:


If we do a forensic analysis of both attacks, we see a common trend.

The victim is sucker-punched, so is unprepared to take the hit.

The punch renders the victim unconscious.

The victim topples over so that they strike the ground head first with nothing to break their fall.

The victim’s head triking the pavement or concrete floor from five to six feet up causes a skull fracture, the brain to swell and bleed, and the person do go into critical condition and die.

If the victim in NYC survives, he will have permanent problems.

There are lessons to be learned here.

First, be aware of your surroundings, watch hands, don’t let people angry with you inside of sucker punch distance.  Retreat, make distance between you and the bad guy.

Second, learn how to take a punch.  You’re probably not a black belt or MMA fighter.  You’re not going to get into a street fight.  Just learn to protect your head.  Your goal is not not lose consciousness and hit your head on the ground



Eventually, one of these assholes will get shot for trying to suck punch someone, at which point we will have to establish in court just how deadly a sucker punch is and how armed defense against a grown man with fists is justified.

But most importantly, do your best to not get punched.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “One punch kill and one punch critical”
  1. Keep in mind, also, someone might be set off by something you simply don’t perceive as an issue. Everyone seems to be on a shorter fuse these days, too.
    Somewhat related, last night I think I saw someone get ejected from the hotel I’m staying at because the internet was down, he had Something Important that Needed Done, and he needed it fixed Right Then And There. Now, granted this is irritating (the guest room WiFi had been flaky for a few days), but there are several potential workarounds … none of which involve ranting at and berating the desk clerk to the point where her manager-on-call tells you you are ejected from the hotel and that the cops will be called.

    1. Damn people get retarded mad.

      This us where Jew-Jitsu is a great skill to have. If my internet is flakey in the hotel and I need it done RFN (right fucking now), I find a Starbucks or even McDonald’s, buy a drink, use their Wi-Fi, then ask the manager for a partial refund to comp the lack of Wi-Fi. I have dine this before. It helps if you are a Gold Club member of that hotel chain on business travel.

      1. Yep. Starbucks would be my second choice in this case … right behind going to the hotel lobby, which has tables, chairs, outlets, and – importantly – strong signals from hotel’s working-just-fine conference and lobby WiFi subnets. Third choice would have been setting my smart phone up as a hot spot. Two out of these three require almost zero tech savvy, and the lobby-WiFi option only a little observation and awareness (e.g. the other guy sitting in the lobby and working on his laptop might have been a clue…).

  2. Interesting to see the fake outrage because “he shot an UNARMED man”…people have short fuses and yuge egos. Dont provoke anyone. Walk away. And yes, pay attention to your six. Any of the fighting arts are good to know- IF you see it coming..

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