Rapper Nardo Wick blasts his crew after two of them viciously beat fan, 20, unconscious when he asked for a photo ‘with his favorite artist’ – as Tampa cops hunt the two suspects

George Obregon Jr, 20, was left hospitalized in critical condition – with a severe concussion and brain bleeding – after he was brutally assaulted by the 21-year-old rapper’s companions, according to his family.

Police said the fan approached Wick, real name Horace Bernard Walls III, around 1.15am after his show on Monday at the Club Skye in Tampa, Florida.

Footage of the attack shows Obregon walk towards the rapper and his crew before he is sucker punched by one of the men, causing him to hit a brick wall.

As Obregon appears too shocked or hurt to move, another member of Wick’s entourage punches him again several times – as Wick tells the man to ‘chill’.

Obregon then falls to the ground and hits his head on the pavement as Wick is seen pulling the attacker off of him.

The video as gone viral.


The video follows the same pattern as many one punch kills.

You can see it unfold clear as day.

The first punch stuns the fan, who falls down and hits his head on the concrete.

The result is a brain bleed.

This young man is very lucky he didn’t die, yet.

That, unfortunately, may still happen.  Brain trauma can take a while to become lethal.

And he very well may spend the rest of his life handicapped.  Brain bleeding can cause localized brain death.  We won’t know for a while if he will ever fully recover.

I canny stress enough, do not let yourself get punched in the head.

I hope the bodyguards are sent to prison and this man ends up with a very generous settlement to take care of him for life, he’ll probably need it.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “One punch TBI”
  1. Something I ran into over at Splendid Isolation, I think … bump caps. Specifically, bump cap inserts for baseball hats. Nowhere clear to a perfect solution, especially for hits to the back of the neck; but at least it’s something in a somewhat unobtrusive package. I’m going with the Ergodyne Skullerz 8945F(x) model.
    I work in a place where there can be a lot of ducking and scuttling under girders and such, so I have a decent reason for having something like this anyway.

    1. With all respect, I wear an ergodyne bump cap every day at work. They’re good for incidentally knocking your head against things, girders, pipes, tires, and such. It makes your hat look very stiff and rounded, it’s not 100% noticable, but it’s obvious that something is different about that hat.

      However, you can still get your bell rung and your button reset. Believe me, I’ve done it, a lot.

      They will not protect you enough against a full force punch or being knocked down and hitting your head on the pavement. To protect against that you need a thicker helmet with better protection; and sadly that is very noticeable.

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