Miguel has gotten several emails about my last post and forwarded them to me.

I tried the Anime original.

I couldn’t make it through the first episode.

I made a valiant effort but I failed.

It’s not just Anime fans I don’t like.  The visuals of Anime grate on me.

I also didn’t grow up watching American cartoons or their maybe something wrong with my brain and eyes but I found it unwatchable.

I also cannot play Halo, anything that uses the Unreal engine, or Super Smash Bros.  For that matter, I’m not a gamer.  After about 30 minutes of first generation Star Wars Battlefront I have a splitting headache and feel the need to take a nap.

I have watched Spirited Away and like it.

So who knows, but I can’t watch Anime.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “One quick thing on Cowboy Bebop”
  1. I like some anime. Some I find very irritating. It depends on the story and on the artists’ work.

    Some live-action adaptations I haven’t cared for – Ghost in the Shell comes to mind – because it feels as though the settings and character names are the same but the characters themselves are wrong.

    Cowboy Bebop, I thought, was a good adaptation, in that the characters were behaving in-character with what I was expecting. Not a 1:1 translation of the original anime, but not discordant. I was sad when I heard it wasn’t going to be renewed.

    Re the game aspect, I tend to prefer 4X games rather than FPS. The closest I come is usually fighter combat (aerial, space) games.

    Anyway, what I came here to type was just this: We’re all allowed to like what we like, and not like what we don’t. (At least for now.) There’s really no wrong answer, or right answer, that fits everyone.

  2. You’re not alone.
    I could never play DOOM or anything like it, as within 5-10 minutes I’d either have a planet splitting migraine for the rest of the day (or longer), or would be throwing up.

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