One thing Amazon is doing right.

The new season begins October 5. If you have not seen it yet, please do. Season one seems a bit sluggish, but that literally changes in the last episode.  I was ready to dump it and I went “HOLY FRIGGING PONIES OF CRAP!”

And the other thing Amazon did good was snatching The Expanse from inglorious death after the morons of SyFy decided to cancel the series. At the Gonzalez castle, we are ONE episode left from finishing the third season and the missus agrees with me: What the heck (she does not cuss) was SyFy thinking about?

And one last recommendation, also from Amazon:

Short stories from Philip K. Dick, one per episode. I am guessing I may need to pick up some books from him since one of my three great SciFi movies is based on one of his books: Blade Runner. His themes run alongside pretty much the current of anti-utopia which was what I was raised on (1984 – A Brave New World) and made me dislike anything else Science Fiction.

I did not tell you? I am NOT a SciFi fan.  Just like my stories about the  future, bleak and hopeless.

4 Replies to “One thing Amazon is doing right.”

  1. I would have been content had Expanse ended where it did. It was a good, tight story with a well-defined and -thought out ending.

    My fear is that the next season will get weird because it was out together hastily. Kind of like the remake of Battlestar Galactica. Started out fantastic, but you could tell when the writers got to beyond where they thought the series wouldn’t be renewed.

    1. Word from a friend is The Expanse is following the books pretty closely and what’s next is totally worth it.

      Because it’s based on books and they are following them, rather than winging it week to week (like BSG) I’m not too worried.

  2. SyFy dropping The Expanse might be based on them not owning anything about the show but the first broadcast rights. They got paid once and no residuals from rebroadcast or sales or rentals.

    Amazon picking it up because Bezos likes the show might not care so much about how much money is in it for him because he simply wants to watch the show! Not that he’s going to refuse to take the money, because the show is already making him money on Amazon Video…

  3. “HOLY FRIGGING PONIES OF CRAP!” is a fairly standard response to pretty much every Philip K Dick story (which TMITHC is also).

    PKD was… odd. He had to write to pay the bills way back when, so his style was basically “take meth until the space angel shoots knowledge lasers into your head from the eye in it’s chest”.

    I’m still waiting for a film adaptation of “The Days of Perky Pat”. Or “Ubik”. I’m also pretty confident that it will happen.

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