In the last 24 hours, the Right has been going all “YASSSS QUEEN” over Governor DeSantis sending a planeload of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

For us on the Right, it makes perfect sense.

Republican border states are inundated with illegal immigrants who are causing crime, draining social services, and causing all sorts of problems that happen when you have hundreds of thousands and millions of people who do not have money, job skills, or even the ability to speak the common language, and cannot support themselves arrive in an area.

The Left loved to virtue signal about supporting migrants, how “no person is illegal,” and by declaring their cities sanctuary cities.”

They were excited to have the border open when the problem of the border being open was in Red border states where they didn’t live.

Then DeSantis started to ship illegals to Washington DC, New York City, and Chicago.  Then the mayors of those cities pushed back saying they didn’t have the resources to deal with these people.

Yesterday, DeSantis really dropped the big one by dropping illegal immigrants into the heart of wealthy, out-of-touch, Leftist stronghold territory in Martha’s Vineyard.

That seems like a great idea.



He forgot the most important factor in this equation.  One that a lot of people on the Right forget.

Leftists do not suffer from cognitive dissonance or guilt over hypocrisy.

Remember what cognitive dissonance is:

Cognitive dissonance is a term for the state of discomfort felt when two or more modes of thought contradict each other. The clashing cognitions may include ideas, beliefs, or the knowledge that one has behaved in a certain way.

Leftists do not get this state of discomfort.


When a “family values” Republican gets caught getting a blowjob from a rentboy at a gay bathhouse he retires in shame and goes and hides under a rock somewhere.

Our moral principles are such that we feel bad when we violate our moral principles.

Read Animal Farm.  That is a perfect insight into the mind of a Leftist.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Leftists feel no cognitive dissonance or hypocrisy declaring themselves more equal than others when championing equality.

Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and Obama are all for “making the rich pay their fair share” while being worth millions themselves.  They will exempt themselves at every turn.

Anti-gun politicians surround themselves with high walls and armed guards.

Politicians who called for defunding the police paid for increased police protection for themselves.

They literally came up with a new definition of “racism” to be “prejudice plus power” so they can say the most racist shit at white people and not claim to be racist.

This is how some minority Ivy League-educated, tenured professor, with a six-figure salary, a six-figure book deal, and a paid position as a contributor on MSNBC can pretend to be the victim of oppression while shitting on poor white people from middle America and claim they are “punching up” against powerful white supremacy.

Then they decided that Jews, the most oppressed minority in history, are powerful so it’s not racism to attack them while defending 1.3 billion Muslims in 57 nations with Islam as the state religion as poor oppressed minorities.

The Democrats hold the Presidency and both houses of Congress, the majority of the media, and all of social media and the entertainment industry, and believe that they are the scrappy underdogs.

The Left has artfully crafted a worldview that allows them to live in a world of contradicting facts and not for one moment feel like hypocrites or have the discomfort of cognitive dissonance

This stunt will not make them feel bad about themselves in any way.  It will only secure their knowledge that Republicans are doing this to be cruel to the illegals, cruel to the few working-class year-round residents of Martha’s Vineyard, and most of all, cruel to the poor Leftists who have empty summer homes on the island.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “One thing to remember on the shipping of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard”
  1. “Leftists do not suffer from cognitive dissonance or guilt over hypocrisy.”
    Because they have the maturity level of a five year old, maybe lower, tough to say. They are always willing to spend other people’s money and time, but when it comes time for them to pay up, there is a problem.
    Notice how beetlejuice in Chitown started immediately shipping the group she got out to the ‘burbs? And, not the leftists suburbs, the conservative areas surrounding chicago. It’s not OK for someone to send immigrants to her town, but perfectly OK for her to do it to someone else.
    First axiom of politics is still in full effect.

  2. The committed leftists aren’t the intended audience. The person who only occasionally pays attention to politics, the reflexive Democrat voters with doubts, the person willing to ask “why are ‘sanctuary cities’ refusing to give sanctuary?” are the audience.

  3. This little piece of theater was not to shame the left who are incapable of shame. This was for the normies, who’s culture and way of life is being subsumed by leftist ideology. Everything is bilingual now and they hear alot of no speakee english, speakee spani. Being half hispanic and living in Panama for 3 years this doesn’t bother me but it does make me a little angry being asked to speak spanish in my birth country. But I do love breaking out the maliente spanish of Panama with a cuban accent on the undiscerning. The normies don’t get this release and feel put upon and isolated in their own country. Desantis is appealing to these voters on the fence but are affected by those 70 planeloads of illegal aliens sent to Florida.

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