On July 22nd, 2011 a horrible mass murder took place. It started with a car bombing in Oslo as a distraction. The murder then traveled to the island of Utøya where he shot and killed 69 people. The blast killed 8 people and dozens were injured.

This took place in a country with very strict gun control laws. He used a Ruger Mini-14 and a Glock pistol in his murders.

But mass shootings only happen in these United States.

On Jun 25, 2022 a murdering asshole killed two people and injured 21 more when he started shooting in a bar. He was a Muslim who was well known to law enforcement.

Keep your head on a swivel. Wherever you go, make sure you know all of your egresses. Be prepared to defend yourself.

OSLO, June 25 (Reuters) – Terrified revellers at a gay bar in Oslo hid in a basement and desperately called loved ones as a gunman went on the rampage, killing two people and injuring 21 on the day the city was due to celebrate its annual Pride parade.
— Reuters: Horror on Oslo Pride day as gunman goes on deadly rampage at gay bar

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Only in America”
  1. We the People have no more worries…. Ol staggerin joe signed that “bipartisan “ gun con…( I mean “safety “) bill and from now on “ lives will be saved”

  2. Yesterday’s Oslo attach was all over the news… for about an hour, until the identity/religious affiliation of the shooter was made public. Then *ZAP!* right down the memory-hole.

    I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. /sarcasm

  3. Religion of Peace is even higher on the Victim Hierarchy than Gay, Lesbian, and Trans.

    And they will be happy to kill you to prove it! /not sarc

  4. The gunman was obviously a right wing homophobe not a Muslim terrorist, just like the asshole that shot up the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016.

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