We have a Two-Fer Tuesday!

SMYRNA – An accidental police gunshot into lobby carpet at Town Hall startled officials attending a Town Council workshop Thursday night.

No one was injured after the weapon of Lt. Earl Barnes, the SWAT team commander, discharged after he tied his shoes in a chair in a lobby area.

via SWAT commander misfires gun into carpet at Smyrna Town Hall.

And then….

Zara Adil, 21, was working Friday at Tobacco Zone when two men entered the store wearing masks. One of the men can be seen approaching the register and demanding cash, brandishing a handgun. Adil obliged, opening the register and then stepping away.

That’s when the would-be robber made his mistake — setting down his gun to gather the money.

“So I picked up the gun and pointed it at the second guy, and said, ‘You run or I will shoot you,’” she told ABC affiliate WTVQ in an interview.

Despite the warning, the man approached.

Adil fired the gun, and the man was shot in the shoulder

via Bearing ArmsStore Clerk Keeps Her Wits, Shoots Robber With His Own Gun – Bearing Arms.

Those prejudices and the Narratives: they keep coming apart, don’t they?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Only Police should have Guns and Women None.”
  1. If this is their SWAT commander, I’m glad I live a long ways away from them. If he would have let the gun just fall, it never would have went off. Just how does a gun “fall” out of a holster. I have a plain pancake that just uses gravity and a snug fit for retention. I’ve been in all kinds of weird positions with it and it’s never come loose. I even took a nap with it on and it didn’t try to sneak out of it’s holster. I sense there was something else going on. Was he sitting in the chair? was he standing with his foot on the chair? Either position shouldn’t cause his pistol to come loose. Do they not use some type of retention holster?

    The only mistake she made was not continuing to fire until the threat was neutralized. He should not have been able to fight with her or escape. And what about all those other people in the store? No one had the balls to step up and help her.

    1. Wonder if he was carrying in a cheap nylon “sausage sack”, or a cheap leather holster gone soft?
      Either way, best to spend the money for a good holster.

  2. If a woman his picked up your buddy’s gun while said buddy is rifling through her cash register and says she’s going to shoot you, you should probably do whatever she says. She already has bigger balls than you ever will.

  3. I think the linked original article said that he had drawn it during a recent felony stop and hadn’t re-holstered it properly and when he bent down it ‘fell out’. The chief commended him for not trying to catch it, but then when he went to pick it up he “somehow” stuck his booger-hook in the trigger guard and squeeeeezed….. The chief also claimed that the carpet kept the bullet from hurting anyone by absorbing the bullet fragments.

    The chief then went on to say that he would most likely be disciplined with a few days of unpaid leave. I’m SURE that the chief would look upon us mere mortals with the same compassion if WE did the same thing. Yeah, RIGHT….

    1. Actually, the chief said the commander made two mistakes: not securing the weapon and reaching for it when it fell out.
      Either way, it shows that they don’t get much training. Even if they are SWAT commanders.

      Or, better said, they probably don’t train regularly.

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