‘Brilliant’ cardiothoracic surgeon and father-of-two, 56, dies two weeks after he was knocked to the ground in Brooklyn road rage brawl

A ‘brilliant’ cardiothoracic surgeon has died two weeks after he was knocked down to the ground in a brutal road rage attack in Brooklyn.

Dr. Jaime Yun, 56, a beloved married father of two, died on June 16 from a traumatic brain injury he sustained due to a violent brawl that took place on June 8 just miles away from the hospital where he worked.

Yun, a respected and gifted surgeon, was in his vehicle around 11:30am at the corner of Schenectady and East New York Avenue in Crown Heights, when a verbal dispute took place between him and motorist Dexter Alexander, 31.

According to police, Yun hit the side-view mirror of Alexander’s vehicle with a stick, and that is when Alexander reportedly punched Yun in the face causing him to hit the pavement, Daily News reported.

When medics arrived they found Yun on the ground with a massive head injury. They transported him to King County Hospital where he was initially expected to survive until his health grew more dire and he died days later.

This fits the pattern I keep pointing out in other one punch kills.

The victim gets punched in the head, not expecting it, and generally not ready or knowledgeable about how to take a punch.

The victim loses consciousness and topples over, hitting the hard ground with their head.

The secondary impact causes a traumatic brain injury thar leads to swelling and death.  Sometimes days or even weeks later.

This is a horrific way to die.

There are few critical lessons here.

Just because someone is unarmed, doesn’t mean they are not dangerous or their attack isn’t potentially fatal.

Distance is your friend, especially with an unarmed aggressor.  Keeping out of sucker punch reach during an argument is a good idea.  Even if they attack, you will have warning time to react.

Lastly, in a road rage incident, don’t get out of your vehicle. This is probably rule number one we discuss all the time on this blog, don’t breach your own permiter.  You’re safer in your car.  If the other asshole is attacking your car, call the cops, record it, but don’t get out of your metal and safety glass box.  Let your car take the damage, it’s better than your head taking the damage.

Avoid taking a punch to the head.  They can be fatal.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Onr punch kill that took two weeks to be fatal”
  1. Rule number one is – don’t respond to “road rage”… don’t say a word, don’t gesture.. just drive.. IF the other guy escalates then respond with lots of bullets, preferably a belt fed heh heh heh

    1. Indeed. From the snippet it sounds like the brilliant, beloved, respected and gifted doctor was the one who started the escalation.
      In any case …. People’s tempers got very short during the lockdowns and a lot of folks are not yet back to normal, mentally. Something to keep in mind.

  2. Getting out of your car and hitting a fellow driver’s side mirror with a stick is where all this went wrong for the good doctor. There must have been angry words by the good doctor just prior to losing all self-control and initiating damage to a vehicle.

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