Open Carry: you are doing it wrong.

bad open carry

Or at least I hope the guy is OCing.  Crappy gun position, crappy belt, I can’t tell if the holster has at least a snap to secure the gun.

Somebody is taking gun carrying cues from Hollywood again.

Hat Tip to Ben rd.

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    1. As somebody who carries in a horizontal shoulder holster, I must say “no”. A gun secured in a proper holster does not apply to the 4 rules, as guns (as a rule) do not “Just go off”, and if the trigger is covered (and in my case the retention strap is between the hammer and firing pin) that gun isn’t going to go off.

      Of course one must be VERY aware of rule #4 when you draw where these holsters add a very real challenge.

      Now this holster is a nightmare on all the things that Miguel points out, and I can’t really imagine a way to draw it without breaking #4

    2. And every time you put your rifle in a case in your trunk you’re breaking them. Every time you pass a car your rifle is flagging the people in it if you placed it sideways…anyone behind you if you’ve got it facing backwards, etc.

      Sound stupid to say? That’s because it is. The rules are for safe gun HANDLING. They do not applied to stowed/holstered weapons.

      There are plenty of problems with this photo, but that’s not one of them.

  1. Even if the holster were secure, this is a poor position for OC because the bearer can’t protect the firearm from a grab and is facing the wrong way to counter attack the grabber. Yes, all he has to do is turn around sharply, but that action may help the grabber pull the gun from the holster. OC’d guns should be in a secure holster, and the holster should be somewhere it can be defended with one hand while the other goes for a back-up weapon to fend off the grab.

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