“Organized” Sports.

I know it is a compilation of extreme cases, but there is always somebody ready to heal his/her ego with fists, doesn’t it? In that sense I do miss shooting matches as nobody thinks they can apply violence to get his butt unhurt.

We had a in couple of occasions some strange visitors that did not inspire confidence (public range and all that)  and several club members were told to discretely load their guns and keep an eye on them. At least in one occasion, a group of four individuals came looking like they thought we were easy pickings only to be greeted by a bunch of guys with predatory smiles and guns on their hips. They left rather quickly.


One Reply to ““Organized” Sports.”

  1. Between parents like this and head trauma, I don’t need any more reasons to keep my kids out of mainstream sports.

    USPSA all the way in our family.

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