There’s so much going on with kids right now. I’ve had numerous conversations at the dinner and breakfast table, with friends, when out and about, about the state of children, and what’s going on in schools.

Kids are being insane at schools. There are children who are so badly behaved that they are holding entire schools hostage because of that behavior. Be it throwing rocks at cars and breaking windshields, wrecking classrooms by tossing around desks, or biting teachers and swearing incessantly, it’s 100% out of control. I often comment that these brats could use a good beating, but of course I don’t mean it the way it comes out. Unfortunately, I’m also very strongly of the opinion that I’m right.

Teachers are no longer allowed to touch students. They have to get permission slips to hug kids or hold their hands in the hallways. Recently, a teacher got written up by HR because she walked her (IEP “low” intelligence/skill) kids to the bathroom and waited for them to take them back to class. Never mind that at least two of her students had that very accommodation in their IEPs. I know of a teacher who, in a fit of absolute desperation, took a picture of a child doing something bad and threatened to tell the parents about it. The TEACHER was written up, and had to go to a mandatory meeting with her union rep, and all that stuff. It was seen only as “threatening the child”, and not as anything positive. I kid you not. There’s a reason that teachers are leaving the classrooms en masse. At this point, our school district has unlicensed people in doing teaching, because they cannot find the staff.

The kids are not being disciplined at home. They’re never being told no. They’re never being held accountable. Parents are doing their homework for them so often that some schools are actually using programs to check the work to see if it was done at an age appropriate level. Meanwhile, the kids learn nothing. Apparently, a number of school systems have no decided that their lowest grade given will be a 50%. No zeroes anymore. So there’s no reason to finish any work that isn’t done in the classroom, and little reason to work on what’s IN the classroom.  With the lack of parenting happening, kids are turning to peer groups for love and affection, and unfortunately that means in inner cities, they’re getting into gangs. It’s just nuts.

Children learn from watching and observing. Right now, what’s available on most media is extremes. We’re not seeing a lot of middle ground at all. Middle Right and middle Left are ignored in favor of the worst of the worst on both sides. That’s what we’re spoon feeding these monsters. A steady diet of bullshit.

My own kids, they got raised with the occasional spanking, with consequences for their actions, having to do chores and explain truly bad grades at school. They don’t do as well socially as other kids right now, because they’re “different.” They may not realize it, but they have more self-discipline, more self-control, more understanding of the workings of the world than many adults these days, never mind their peer groups. They don’t want to spend time with a lot of their peers, because those peers mimic the extremist views of the media (mostly Left, very occasionally Right), and my kids know that isn’t reality.

It’s wonderful that I’ve helped raise kids who know right from wrong, and who understand how to educate themselves even when the system does not. I’m really damn proud of them. Ridiculously so. But I’m also afraid for them. Will they be the future leaders of our world? I used to think so, but I’m not so sure right now. Leaders are no longer being picked for their skills. They’re picked for their ability to manipulate social media. While my kids are good at that, they’re not going to do it for bad reasons… and I think that would exclude them from the leadership roles that would be best for them and for our country.

I’ve also doomed my kids. They see all the flaws of the government, they see the stupidity of quite a lot of “we the People” and know that it’s not going to end anytime soon. I’ve doomed them to have to watch history repeat itself while their peers stare in wonder, not understanding why the Bad Things are happening. I hate that part.

I know I’m rambling today. It’s cold and I’m a little grumpy. My very smart children are being smart, and sometimes that means they’re smart-mouthed. It’s irritating, but inevitably, it also means they’ve learned lessons that will hopefully keep them safe as they go out into the world as adults.

who is worried about the state of children and education today

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By hagar

8 thoughts on “Our Children”
  1. Down through human history, tyrannical governments always reverse the natural law of the Human Family. This is how they gain the control they need to maintain power and acquire additional power. Children become the commodity of a tyrannical State. And they also become agents of the State. They’re used as pawns to bring about societal chaos and upheaval. It’s all a part of the tyrannical State’s plan to bring about socialism, which demands that the Human Family be turned upside down and inside out, which ultimately produces a family where the fatherhood is loathed by all, and sonship is despised, while motherhood is elevated to replace the father but only until the youngest daughter is at the age to take over her mother’s place, in following the dictates of the State—the mother eventually is thrown beside the defeated father of her children, useless as he is was made to be.
    To destroy a nation, one only needs to destroy the natural Human Family structure and the nation will fall in chaos and into the hands of the enemy of that nation.
    It’s far too late to stop or even reverse what has been happening since the 1960s in the USA. Within twenty years there will be no USA. Prepare accordingly.
    By the way, you can raise your children, to buck the efforts of the state, by teaching them the correct way, but they will sooner or later have to choose to join the State’s Cause, or they too will be thrown beside their parents and loathed as societal rejects.

  2. I am there with you Hagar.
    Very worried about the children of today. (And, I do not have any kids…)
    Seriously, this is the result of decades of parents being soft on children. It extends to the schools, etc…
    And, it is children raising children. Not physical children, but adult sized (and aged) children raising children. How many parents want to be best friends with their kids? Too many. My Dad always said, “I am your father, not your friend.” Turns out he was both, but he took fathering much more seriously than friending.
    Parents have one job. To raise their children to be fully realized adults.
    Too many parents do not realize that. Instead, they see their role as “making sure their children are happy.” As a result, they give their kids whatever they want. My sister in law thinks nothing of letting her 16 year old’s boyfriend sleep over. (In the same bed, nonetheless.) As long as her daughter is happy… I guess if daughter wanted to start shooting up heroin in the house, that would be OK as well…
    Sorry about the rant, but realize all of this lends itself directly to the school situation you describe. There was a time when the parents would listen to the teachers, and take action. Either to increase study time, get a tutor, or discipline an unruly child at home. But, those days are long gone. Now if their special little snowflake (who is obviously a genius…) gets anything less than 100% on an exam, the teacher is to blame. Angry parents in the principal’s office is guaranteed.
    When did self esteem become more important than education? Started in the 70s, and we are now reaping the rewards.

  3. Are these various horror stories specific to public schools, or are they also seen in private schools? If in private schools, what types? It’s a fairly common notion that at least some private schools (like parochial schools) do have proper discipline.

    Part of the problem seems to be at the top. I’ve watched way too many news items on the nightly local news in which the only possible conclusion was: a functioning brain is an absolute disqualification for the job of school superintendent or school principal. It’s possible I’m exaggerating, but available evidence says there is way too much truth in this.

    Another part of the problem is the existing of teacher unions. Unions by definition exist for the benefit of the members (at least in theory — in practice perhaps more for the benefit of the leadership). Teacher unions are particularly blatant examples of this, acting consistently as organizations that benefit teachers and union bosses at the expense of students and parents.

  4. Im out and about alot, well 5 days a week for work and its not just kids that are out of control- the vast majority of adults are out of control too. And I think its gettin worse every minute. Anyone with a driver’s license drives like they are rushing thier bleeding child to a hospital. 30-40 mph over speed limits. 2 feet from the back of you. Go in a retail store. People are pushy arrogant and have extremely short fuses. Why do you think kids are out of control?? They see massive examples of laws being broken with zero consequences. The inmates are running the asylum… you get what you vote for. Many school boards behave like gubmint- untouchable.. the solution is every American has to get involved and take back our community.. vote those who practice these unhealthy ways out and doxx them. Ise thier tatics against them.

    1. @ curby: You mean like this — (?) Sea World last week, second from top row of seats. Show is over so crowd forms an impenetrable line coming up the aisle past me to exit. After waiting forever for someone to let me into the aisle (I was the only one in my row) I stepped into the aisle. A woman pushed past me and elbowed the hell out of me just below the left ribs, knocking me over. Only thing that kept me from hitting the seats on the way down on way was my cane.

      At the top of the aisle on the exit ramp I find her and 2 kids, guessing 9-ish, waiting for me, where she loudly proclaims me to be a motherf**ker. Yeah, I was the one who still has a bruise and bled while urinating for 2 days afterward, but I’m the bad guy and she’s the abused saint. The quote, by the way, is in front of her two children. I ignored her. On the good side, we weren’t driving at the time.

      The entire experience, from first person up the exit aisle to her reminds me of all those good churchgoers who won’t let anyone into the line leaving the parking lot after services. Exceptionally short memories, or perhaps just plain old hypocrisy.

  5. School was obvious daycare to me 20 years ago unless you were in honors or AP classes. It has only gotten worse. I have a number of friends who are teachers, they are really squeezed between the administration and the parents.
    Lot of blame to fall on the internet and social media, but in general as a society we are continuing to move away from consequences for so many things. I guess its a “refreshing” change of pace from zero tolerance. Which really gets to the heart of the matter for me, gov always does the most rediculous, common sense lacking one size fits all things and fucks up even the most simple things.
    Guess the district is proving an education degree really wasn’t necessary to begin with if they can hire teachers without a special paper. If I were a teacher I’d be rip shit fucking pissed about that.
    Most educational beating probably need to start in the home with mom and dad if both are or either are even present.

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